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The 5 most flattering hairstyles for women over 50, according to stylists


What better way to celebrate the big 5-0 than by taking your hair to the next level? Here are some classic haircuts designed to enhance your features, but are still trendy, stylish and gorgeous for the over-50 crowd.

After this read on for tips and suggestions from Ghanima Abdullah, the famed stylist at The Right Hairstyles in Florida, Fae Norris, the noted hair colorist who’s worked at Rock Paper Salon in Los Angeles for many years, and Gina Rivera, the owner and creative director at Phenix Salon Suites in L.A., among other things, and Davis Feliz, owner of Davis Feliz Salon.

1. An asymmetrical lobe with a side part


Rivera calls textured asymmetrical lobs and bobs a “terrific choice” for mature women, since they’re classic yet still trendy and modern. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it allows you to still be trendy and not sacrifice being youthful and fashion forward, she tells me. Cutting off a bit of the hair, helps create the hip vibe that all the stars have these days and brings movement and flexibility.

When it comes to hair care, the use of textured techniques create the chance to remove some damaged, unattractive hair at the end of a haircut in order to give a fresh look and bring life to the remainder. Make sure to keep in mind that professional consultation is advised before styling hair yourself and stick with the plan.

What’s great about the bob, Abdullah says, is that when it is styled with volume and curls, the top pieces are separated, which provides body. Deep parting on the opposite side is helpful for looking to create more volume on the top of the head by literally pushing more hair to one side of your head, he said, adding that this hairstyle is ideal for anyone who may be beginning to go bald on top.

2. Layers of Timeless Pixies

Men Haircuts

When looking for stylish women in pop culture, we often see figures like Princess Diana and Winona Ryder who have had the ultra-flattering pixie cut and, as Norris points out, it’s not a bad idea to experiment with the hair style if you always wanted to. women in particular tend to wear hairstyles that used to look great on them but get stuck wearing the same style over and over again. By sticking with your favourite hairstyle, it could work for your hair texture and your lifestyle. Just know that styles change often, and to make your style stand the test of time you should keep changing it.

While she says this doesn’t mean you need to change your style every new season, staying current makes your look more youthful. Despite the fact that you don’t have to cut your hair short if you’re 50+, Norris says doing so can make it even healthier in the long run.

“As we age our hair tends to thin and dull so regular trims, a fun cut, maybe some fresh color and glossing treatments are great ways to maintain a youthful look.” A haircutter quoted in the article agrees, and stresses that a pixie cut with layers is one of the best ways for keeping your youthful look, while also having hair that’s easy to manage and gives off an effortless look.

Let your stylist know that you would like a pixie with a lot of volume, the woman says. Generally, pixies that offer more volume are cut in short sections with sections even shorter around the ears. Up top, a pixie haircut would ideally be kept on the longer side. She then advises to make sure you bring a photo of the cut you would like with you. There are tons of different lengths and hair texture available to suit any shape of face and desired appearance.

Davis describes this style as something that has both boldness and beauty. “For an instant eye lift, go short in the back and keep a longer fringe. This will shape and contour your head,” he advises.

3. Hairstyle: Long and Layered with Front Curtain Bangs.


Long locks should have some type of layering, to keep them from appearing boring and flat. For long-haired ladies, layering is essential for creating movement, dimension, and a more voluminous look, Rivera shares. One reason it’s crucial to do this is if the hair is thin, she points out. Long layers tend to take weight out of the hair and make it seem lighter, making it seem more full.

Although it’s one way to create volume, adding curtains to the front of one’s hair, regardless of age, is super-trendy for spring, Abdullah says. Curtain bangs are always flirtatious, she says, and offer an instant rejuvenation for your hair. typically curtains bangs are worn with straight or curly hair that is down but you can also wear the rest of your hair up with just a few long, wispy bangs framing the front of your face for a completely different style. The possibilities, she points out, are endless.

Additionally, Davis tells us, Long hair can be worn beautifully at any age. It’s all about having the right shape for your face, features, and texture. To maintain this shape, getting a haircut regularly every five to six weeks is important. Davis adds that, To draw attention up and give the effect of a facelift, you can add softness and movement with a wavy, tapered bang that breaks off your forehead. This style complements the natural color and it can give it a more finished look.

4. Interesting Hairstyle With Bangs

Hair Adviser

Rod Galvao, hair stylist at Gem House, believes that one of the most flattering, universal and age-defying haircuts is a choppy bob with bangs. Galvao explained that, referring to the haircut’s design, the shape is usually more rectangular or square, with a very defined linear design, which brings a more modern and sophisticated look with a minimalist style. Additionally, he says, in some versions of the cut there are more layers that add movement and give those ‘cool’ young vibes.

4. Bob the Classic


Davis notes that “classy bobs never lose their appeal.” He admits that a longer face may need more layering and framing, while a rounder face might need less.

To make it easier to tie your hair into a ponytail, make sure your hair is a bit longer in the back. Lastly, Davis says, “For this style, undercutting in the back creates a natural bend for easy washing and styling.” It’s certainly worth a shot.

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