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The 5 Essential Shoes Every Girl Should Have In Her Closet.


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The right shoes can make or break an outfit, so you’re going to want to make sure you have some of the most essential footwear pieces in your closet. Having the right shoes to go with everything in your wardrobe can save you time and money and make it easy to get dressed every day, while having that pair of shoes that works with almost everything will ensure that you don’t need to buy as many new pieces! Here are the five essential shoes every girl should have in her closet!

Even while it may be tempting to fill your closet with voluminous, sparkling heels, they are not “necessary shoes.” Yes, they seem nice on Instagram, but only a few trends are genuinely useful and timeless, regardless of whether a pandemic is occurring. Consider stylish slippers, white sneakers, lug-soled boots, or even loafers that may be worn in different seasons. When you’re heading out for your first sanity stroll of the day, they’ll prevent you from having wardrobe crises and will be comfortable to walk in. Check out the 10 pairs of shoes that are a must-have for everyone.

1) A Dressy Heel


A dressy heel is an absolute must in any girl’s closet. Whether you’re dressing up for a job interview or heading to your best friend’s holiday party, a chic dress shoe will elevate your outfit and make it look more pulled together than wearing flats or tennis shoes. When picking out a dressy heel, it’s important to pick something with the perfect amount of shine. Some good go-to brands are: Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Valentino and Roger Vivier. As for the style of heel that you should get? There are many options when it comes to dressy heels.

2) A Sneaker

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Sneakers are a wardrobe essential because they are so versatile. You can dress them up or dress them down. Plus, with all the colors, patterns and fabrics that exist on sneakers today, there’s something for everyone. Think about it – is there a person alive who doesn’t like wearing sneakers? We don’t think so! It’s best to have at least one pair of black sneakers in your closet because they match almost anything and go with everything. Sneakers also make really good travel shoes since they’re comfortable and easy to pack!

3) A Sandal

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A sandal is a must-have, no matter the season. Whether you want to wear them with shorts in the summer or long pants in the winter, sandals are always a good idea! And now there are so many different options out there that you can find the perfect pair for any occasion. If you’re looking for something dressier, try wedges or gladiator heels. For a day of shopping at a festival with friends, there’s nothing more comfortable than flip flops.

Summer is finally here! The time of year when we can shed those heavy boots and cute winter coats. Whether you’re looking for a great pair of heels, the perfect sandal or something more basic, the right shoe can make all the difference.

4) Boots

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Who doesn’t love a good pair of boots? They’re comfortable, fashionable, and make your outfit stand out! A leather boot is essential for the fall season. You can dress them up with jeans or wear them on a day-to-day basis with dresses and skirts. Suede boots are perfect for the winter. Tuck in your pants and tie a chunky scarf around your neck to stay warm.

5) An Ankle Boot

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If you’re like me, and have been having your eye on the over-the-knee boot trend, you may not be ready to take the plunge just yet. Maybe it’s because you don’t know what to wear with them or maybe because they just aren’t in the budget for this season. Well fear not because I have found an answer for all of us who want a great statement shoe without breaking the bank: ankle boots!
Ankle boots are so versatile and can be paired with any look from casual outfits to chic ones too. Plus, these shoes won’t break the bank and will last throughout multiple seasons.

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