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The 5 Best Fall Hairstyles for Black Women with Braids.


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Not all hairstyles are made equally, and when it comes to the hairstyles that look best on black women, one of the most popular styles in the past decade has been braids. In fact, African American women have worn braids for thousands of years, and today it’s almost impossible to find an event or gathering where at least one woman doesn’t have her hair styled into one of many different types of braids. However, there are several factors that should be considered when deciding on which braid styles will look best on you as well as what your general style preferences are.

1) Braid into a bun

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To start, separate your hair into two sections- one from the side of your head and one from the top. Divide these sections into four individual sections on each side of your head. After this, divide the side section and braid it halfway down until you reach your earlobe and add a clear elastic band to tie off the end. After, take a second braid out of the top section and divide it in half to create two individual braids that are similar in size to those created on the sides. Each one should be about three inches wide. Divide both sides of your hair into individual sections, starting at either temple and going toward either ear before dividing again behind each ear- this will make six divided sections.

2) Sided ponytail

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  1. Begin by parting your hair in the middle, and adding some texture to the front using a small blow-dryer. Make sure you don’t blow dry it too much or else it will be flat when you add it to the ponytail.
  2. Now take your two sections and tie them into a ponytail, making sure to keep them long on either side so they can frame your face nicely.
  3. Clip one side of the ponytail off from view so that all that’s left is the other half.
  4. Use a highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones and brow bone. It doesn’t have to be all over your face, just on those two areas where light naturally hits. Finish by adding a dash of lip gloss!

3) Half-up top knot

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  1. Half-up top knot: Bring your hair up and over in an elastic band to gather it together at the crown of your head.
  2. Do a top knot: Gather your hair in a messy bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band.
  3. Messy bun: Bring all of your hair up into a high ponytail, then loosely twist it around itself before gathering into a loose, messy bun atop your head.
  4. Wavy braid + long side sweep: Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail on one side of your head. Take the other side of your hair, divide it into three sections, and start braiding; when you get to the end, use that as the tail for a long side sweep. Finish by spraying with hairspray or holding on tight with pins if necessary.

4) Low half up top knot

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Half up top knot with braids was one of the most popular hairstyles from the 90s that are making a comeback today. This can be done using your natural hair or extensions. You simply want to create two low side braids that wrap around your head and meet at the back of your head where you put them in a bun, braid, or knot. There are several variations of this style, including a half up ponytail where you only pull some hair back and leave the rest out as well as an updo created by pulling all your hair back into a low bun on top of your head while leaving some strands loose around the edges.

5) Leave out some braids

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Braided hairstyles are not just for the summertime. They are perfect for the colder fall weather because they protect your hair from the wind and rain. With a multitude of styles to choose from, you’ll find something you like in this list of five braided hairstyles that work well this time of year.

1) Side-braided updo: Braid your hair into two tight braids on either side of your head and use bobby pins to hold them up high.
2) Half-up with long braids: This one is easy. Simply pull back half of your hair and wrap it around itself. Tie it off at the base of your neck with a bow or some other type of elastic band (or take an old scrunchy and tie it around). Leave the rest down, letting it hang straight or curl up a little bit if you want some more volume. Use bobby pins to pin all those loose ends down securely so they don’t fly away when there’s wind outside!
3) Full-up with braided hair wrap: You can do more than just pull your braids all up into a ponytail when you want to keep them under wraps. If you don’t have a lot of hair to work with, create two sets of braids and then use one braid from each set to make one very long, thick braid. Now weave that through an elastic band of some kind (try it as large as a scrunchy and then work your way down if needed) until all your hair is contained. Leave some strands out around your face for a very cute look.

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