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The 3 Worst Charging Habits That Are Ruining Your iPhone


A charging phone should be an everyday action that you never have to worry about. The thing with chargers is that you plug in your device and then go off to get on with your day, coming back later to find that the charger took care of everything for you and you’ll now have a phone that is recharged, better than new, and capable of lasting longer without needing another charge. However, it doesn’t always work this way. It might be the case that you have some established, successful tech habits that have made your phone the best it can be. It may include swapping an off-brand charger for a new Apple-branded one that is custom made for your iPhone. Still, it should be noted that the duration of the time you charge your phone as well as the way in which you charge it may damage your iPhone. Aimee White, the co-owner of Keyboard Kings, mentions three charging habits tech experts agree will affect the lifespan of your device.

Overnight charging your phone
Having your phone charged over night is all sorts of convenient, there is no doubt about it. White is certainly aware that this is one of the worst charging mistakes many people make. as some of us are leading really busy lives, we can’t find time to charge our phone unless we remember to do so the one time of day when we know we’ll have time, which is at night before we go to sleep. The obvious solution is to do it overnight, when we know we won’t need our phone and we won’t be doing anything. This way, when we wake up the next day, we know the phone is charged, and ready for use for another day.

People have argued that my theory is foolproof. It turns out it’s not. In fact, White says. By charging your phone overnight, you are certainly overcharging your phone. However, doing it from time to time will not harm the battery, but if you are doing it frequently, your battery life will significantly degrade in the long-term. So, although overnight charging is convenient, try and avoid it if possible.

With the case on, you can charge your phone
The iPhone case makes your device more durable, protecting it from chips and cracks, but it’s important to remove it while charging. i’m certain most iPhone users are guilty of a lesser-known charging habit, which involves charging the phone with the case on. in addition to increasing the temperature of the phone, the case also locks in this excess heat. Overheating can damage the battery and result in decreased battery life over time.”

The process of waiting until your phone charge is 0%
One mistake we make all the time is running the battery low, to single digit percentage. It is one of the cardinal sins for anyone that knows about batteries, but everyone seems to make this mistake. Running your battery too low reduces the overall battery life — it’s what happens when you are below 15% charge on your phone. Developing the habit of plugging in the phone when it’s in low battery will greatly improve the iPhone battery life.

Good charging habits must begin with understanding when the battery should be plugged in.

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