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A suspected Tesla phone with the model numbers Model Pi/P has been making the rounds online. How plausible is the introduction of a smartphone, though? It made us wonder what a smartphone from the most valuable manufacturer in the world may look like, even if we have no proof of its existence.

When Will the Tesla Phone Be Available?

Just a few examples of the unique yet still on-brand products Tesla has previously launched include a stainless-steel whistle, an umbrella with their logo embossed on it, and an all-electric car for kids that was inspired by Cybertruck. Although their release isn’t as credible as that of the other items, at least not yet, smartphones could be added to the mix.

For the following key reasons, we are unsure of when this phone will actually be released:

:The majority of the rumours come from an early 2021 YouTube video by adrstudio design, however it’s made plain that they are the designer’s ideas rather than real leaks or Tesla knowledge. Most of the rumours we’ve heard appear to be founded on that knowledge.

:The ideas behind this phone, such Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars, are currently a little too far-fetched to be useful. More about these will be covered below. Since they are not necessary for the initial model, a phone could still be in development without them. It is reasonable to have reservations about those ideas when they are offered at such a young age.

:It would be pointless to invest in a phone if the eventual goal of brain-connected technology like Neuralink is to fully phase out phones.

If you’re still not persuaded, consider the CEO of Telsa’s prediction for the future of smartphones:

Rumors regarding the Tesla phone’s price

The cutting-edge equipment described below would set you back more than a few thousand dollars for a phone. The first generation won’t likely fall into the price range of the majority of people, but as more people use the technology, later iterations might.

If the rumours were accurate (again, we don’t think they are), the phone would probably start off rather basic with only a few of the rumoured features and cost anywhere between $800 and $1,200.

Pre-Order Information

Before the announcement and the formal release, pre-orders could start several months beforehand. However, as there is no release date to act as a benchmark, we are unsure of when pre-orders for the Tesla phone might start.

If we discover reliable details on a release, we’ll provide any relevant links for pre-ordering here.

Phone Features of Tesla

PC: LifeWire Tesla

Given Tesla’s extravagant features in their current products, such as the almost indestructible exoskeleton on the Cybertruck and the bioweapon defensive mode in some of their other vehicles, the reports about this phone are not surprising.

What we have discovered is this.

Internet via satellite:- Tesla has a close relationship with SpaceX’s space-based broadband service Starlink (Elon Musk is the CEO of both). The Tesla phone might potentially help finance Mars colonisation, a goal of the company since its beginnings. However, in addition to concealing the big antenna satellite phones have, they would also need to figure out how to guarantee good service from such a little device. In one scenario, it would work inside any facility that now houses a Starlink base, or, should it ever happen, inside a Tesla car fitted with the appropriate antenna.

Solar Charging:- Considering that Tesla manufactures both solar panels and automobiles, this idea is not unreasonable. Although it’s unlikely that the phone will run entirely on solar energy, it might include a Tesla-branded case that enables some solar charging.

PC: LifeWire Tesla

Vehicle control:- A Tesla smartphone app is already available that enables users to lock and unlock their vehicles, control media playing, and summon them. This app would be installed on the phone for easy access from the lock screen or via external buttons if it wasn’t already built into the operating system. It’s also likely that the app would offer Tesla phone owners only certain options.

Astrophotography:- The amazing cameras and AI in today’s smartphones can be leveraged to help with night sky photography. The combination of that capacity and SpaceX’s interplanetary concentration, which would inexorably infiltrate this phone, results in a tool that can capture fantastic images of celestial things.

Crypto mining:- More rumours claim that it will mine cryptocurrencies. It makes sense that Musk would want to integrate this feature into a phone given his previous candour towards cryptocurrencies. There is a rumour that Tesla’s phone would mine a brand-new cryptocurrency called MarsCoin, despite the fact that Bitcoin is more popular and Musk undoubtedly prefers the present Dogecoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about). To have this run consistently, some big hardware would need to be put in place.

Neuralink support:- Neuralink is one business that is engaged in it. Computers talking to the brain is still primarily a science fiction concept. They assert that the first neural implant will allow remote control of a computer or mobile device from any location. …just by thinking about it and processing it in your mind. Could Tesla create the first phone to achieve such an accomplishment? Given that Musk owns Neuralink, an early version could be used on any phone using the Neuralink app, but seeing it here would also make sense.

It makes much more sense to release something more controllable first, like the first four or five features only, along with a Tesla-branded Android app.

If this phone is real and Tesla decides to hold off on marketing it until implantable brain-machine interfaces are available, we’ll have to wait a few more years. Musk intends to begin human testing of this technology in 2022, but because its main use is to treat paralysis, it won’t be available to everyone right now.

Tesla Phone Hardware and Specs

Without any reliable sources to rely on, all anyone can base their conclusions on with this phone are speculations, making it hard to know what this phone would look like on the inside. All the standard components, such as a 6.5-inch screen, an AMOLED display, 16 GB or more RAM, and 1-2 TB of storage, would be present.

Look at the ADR Studio’s concept designs for the Tesla Model P for information on the exterior, which are the source of the majority of these rumours. In addition to the fantastic renderings we used in this article, there are more that you can go through.

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