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Ten Fashion Trends That Will Dominate Fall 2022


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Even though summer isn’t quite over, we are already anticipating the season of cozy cashmere, plaid skirts, and everything pumpkin spice. You can start shopping (and wearing) the top ten fall fashion trends for 2022 right away by visiting this page. Here is everything you need to add to your fall shopping cart, from extra-large tote bags to sheer blouses and even the rise of the horse girl.

XL Totes


Do you still have all those stylish work bags you put in storage 2.5 years ago? So now is the proper time to let them back out. The current trend has replaced ’90s baguettes with oversized bags that can fit all the essentials as well as your laptop, gym shoes, two or three murder mystery novels, a bento box lunch, your makeup bag, and possibly a spare lip balm. The bigger, the better (although we’re exaggerating about the size).

Utility Pants


Since at least a year ago, utility and cargo pants have been steadily gaining popularity, but once the weather begins to cool, we anticipate their rise to must-have status to be exponential. Choose unexpected fabrics (like grey wool, silk, or linen) and make sure to keep the detailing to a minimum if you want to make these sporty pants look posh. It’s acceptable to have one or two side pockets, but stay away from designs with three or more. You should also avoid wallet chains, extra zippers, and the 1990s fashion trends of colour blocking.

Barbiecore 2.0


Consider Barbie relaxing at home in oversized pyjamas rather than Barbie going out with her girlfriends. Mini skirts, corset tops, and sexy bodysuits from the summer will be replaced by pink wide-leg pants, silk button-up shirts, floaty midi dresses, and even suiting. The good news is that from one season to the next, you can still wear any and all hot pink accessories, including bags, hair clips, and shoes.

90s Minimalism


One super-chic look is created by combining a few must-have items in this trend. For fall ’22, investing in white tank tops, slim-fit maxi skirts, ’90s-era denim, pointy-toe boots, and longline cardigans is a wise move—especially if you pair them together like Rachel Green did during her Ralph Lauren days.

Leather Jackets


Every fall, a new type of jacket emerges as the most popular silhouette of the season. Sometimes it’s plaid blazers, other times it’s denim truckers, but in 2022 it’s going to be leather jackets. However, other cropped leather styles are also in play, so have fun mixing it up as long as you stick with classic black. Classic moto jackets appear to be the trend’s leaders.

Sheer Materials


Although cut-outs have been popular recently, they are not the best choice for the winter months. Sheer materials can be layered over (or under) other items to create interesting new textures or patterns and have a similar peek-a-boo effect without exposing as much skin. The range of this trend should include everything from completely transparent cocktail dresses to more subdued see-through sleeves on otherwise understated blouses.

Maxi Lengths


Maxi-length skirts, the most recent iteration of the ’90s revival, are back for fall 2022. Instead of fluttering boho dresses, choose slim silhouettes that show off your curves without restricting your movement. To maintain the ’90s aesthetic, wear them with plain T-shirts or tucked-in button-up shirts and pointy-toe shoes.

Classically Feminine Detailing


A lot of bows, puff sleeves, empire waistlines, pastel colors, babydoll dresses, lingerie-inspired detailing, and other traditionally feminine elements were present in several FW22 runway collections. Although we like to think of this as a continuation of the Bridgerton trend, we prefer to pair these pieces with items that are the complete opposite, such as black patent-leather boots, baggy jeans, or more masculine, sharp tailoring.

Boots, Boots, Boots


The majority of the major shoe trends for 2022 are boots, as opposed to the few fall shoe trends we typically look forward to, like ballet flats or loafers. You name it, it’s probably in style: chunky moto boots, thigh-high boots, platform Chelsea boots, embellished stilettos. Give your athletic sneakers a break and stock up on every style of boot you’ve ever admired.

Horse Girls


Although the equestrian aesthetic is always a stylish fall option, we forecast that in 2022 it will be a major trend rather than just a cute backup. The transition from tennis skirts to country club attire to yet another upper-crust sport just makes sense. So go ahead and buy as many single-breasted jackets, knee-high boots, and slim-fitting pants as you like.

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