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Taylor Hicks pops up as celebrity guest on ‘Masked Singer’ tour


Taylor Hicks seems like a natural fit for “The Masked Singer,” a Fox reality show where celebrities perform in elaborate costumes.

Hicks – the Alabama native, country soul singer and “American Idol” champion – has yet to appear on the show. But he debuted “The Masked Singer” on Friday thanks to a national tour. Hicks, 45, was unmasked during a tour at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis after playing the role of Boom Boom Box.

Various celebrity guests appeared at the tour station to play this particular role. Clues to the identity of each celebrity are provided in advance on social media accounts.

Watch Hicks perform and reveal in the video below.

The “Masked Singer” tour touted Hicks’ cameo via Instagram Saturday, saying his performance “broke the Memphis house down.”

Hicks also mentioned his guest on Twitter, posting a photo and a message that read: “Get started at #Memphis. @Masked SingerFOX.”

Hicks chose to sing Garth Brooks’ hit “Friends from the Low” for the Memphis show.

“It’s either that, or Britney Spears’ Hit Me Baby Again,” Hicks said with a laugh in a phone interview with AL.com. “It’s just a fun summer show. I jumped at the chance – a great hit, a fun look, no strings attached.”

Hicks said the Boom Boom Box clothing was “super hot” and cumbersome to wear. But he has experience with these things and is unafraid of the outfit.

“It’s very similar to the Easter Bunny costume I wore in Century Square in the early ’90s,” says Hicks, referring to his pre-Birmingham fame work in “Idol” in 2006. “My gig as the Easter Bunny was much harder.”

As you might expect, Hicks’ clue pack on social media from the “King of the Masked Singer” tour mentions his “icon” past. it says:

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to see you tonight. I feel most at home on stage and being able to sing for everyone is my happiest place. It doesn’t get any better than that. Although I know about winning A thing or two, but tonight really was an incredible time!

“Today, Boom Boom Box has become my idol. I feel like the stars are all aligned tonight and we’re going to do miracles on stage together! Oh, and there will be surprises, so if I were you, I wouldn’t even miss 5 Seconds…because on the Masked Singer Tour you never know what to expect!

“If you see me later, be sure to say hi, but if we don’t get a chance to meet, just kick me out of the way. I’m always happy!

“Okay, I’d better warm up first. Long time no see everyone!”

Hicks said he would appear at the “Masked Singer” tour stop in Huntsville on Thursday, but that clashed with his performance at the opening ceremony of the World Games in Birmingham. As a result, his guest spot was moved to Friday in Memphis.

“The great thing about it is that we were able to record some harmonicas as cues (for the show),” Hicks said. “I think it’s funny.”

The audience apparently recognized Hicks on stage, even in the bulky costume, and was chanting his name for the big show.

“I think the harmonica, the singing and the boots all exposed it,” Hicks said.

Other celebrities to appear on tour as Boom Boom Box include radio hosts, TV news anchors, athletes, beauty pageant winners and reality TV stars.

Another “American Idol” winner, Maddie Poppe, was debunked after playing Boom Boom Box on a tour in Omaha, Nebraska, in May. 98 Degrees singer Drew Lachey also took on the role in May and was revealed in St. Louis.

The “Masked Singer” tour runs through July and is hosted by British singer-songwriter Natasha Bedingfield, who competes in the FOX series as Pepper in Season 6. Other characters on the tour include Queen of Hearts, Taco, Alien, Robot, Baby, Yokai and Thingamabob. (In contrast to TV shows, FAQs on travel websites provide details on how tours work.)

In the TV series, costumed celebrities sing for the judges, who evaluate their performances and try to guess their identities. Celebrities are eliminated and unveiled every week until the winner is revealed. Winners of the show include T-Pain, LeAnn Rimes, Wayne Brady, Jewel, Nick Lachey and Teyana Taylor.


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