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Tarun Majumdar, profusely prolific but shy of Bollywood-Entertainment News , Firstpost


Tarun Majumdar can blend art and commerce in his timeless work, but is shy when it comes to transitioning to Hindi cinema.

Unlike prominent Bengali peers such as Bimal Roy, Asit Sen and Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Tarun Majumdar never liked to make Hindi films. Not Mumbai, then Mumbai, no beckoning. But like the almost great Tapan Sinha, Tarun Majumdar never really entered the Hindi film industry like his friends musicians and filmmakers Hemant Kumar Mukherjee and Shakti Samanta.

Tappan Singh made two Hindi films Sagina and zindaji both failed. While Sachin Dev Burman’s music is uplifting, the connection to the Hindi audience remains. Tarun Majumdar is very reluctant to jump from Bengali to Hindi. In 1959, he started making Bengali films with the lighthearted musical Uttam Kumar-Suchitra Sen Super baby Pava Based on Frank Capra it happened one nightEven today, storylines and songs seem to be woven into road trips with a dexterity that seems ahead of its time.

back Super baby Pava Majumdar directed six other Bengali films, including blockbusters Balikabadoo 10-year-old Moushumi Chatterjee starred. In 1967, TM directed his first Hindi film Ragil, an experimental failure nearly bankrupted producer Hemant Kumar Mukherjee. This surprisingly pretentious film is a far cry from the unabashedly mainstream mood of Majumdar’s best Bengali films, where the rigid Biswajit Chatterjee is looking for himself at the same time as the film seeks the audience.

Rahgir paired Biswajit (in the best performance of his career, that’s not much to say) with Majumdar’s wife, actress Sandhya Roy, who starred in his 20 films and treated Majumdar as Priya Rajvansh did to Chetan Like Anand, though there’s no denying that Sandhya is a better actress than Priya can’t.

Not even Henant Kumar’s charming song Janam se banjara hoon bandhu and mitwareboulgay Gulzar’s wording help Ragil. Seven years later, Tarun Mjumdar Ragil Make another Hindi movie because producer and director Shakti Samanta insists on doing it. Originally from Kolkata, Shakti Samanta is a big name in Bollywood.He bought the rights to Tarun Majumdar’s 1967 Bangla blockbuster Balikabadoo Remake in Hindi, but only if Majumdar directs it.

back Ragier, Majumdar is not in the mood to direct another Hindi film. But Shakti Samanta will not hear the rejection. TM signs Rajni Sharma in Balikabadoo in Hindi. Rajni Sharma, while adequate, is not that different from the original Moushumi Chatterjee.By the way, the name of Mushumi is in Balikabadoo It’s Rajni.

Watching the Hindi remake now, Mushumi said, “Look, a remake is a remake. The original is the original. A remake will never be so good. When I do Balikabadoo Everyone said I was born to play a role.The concept of child brides is also fresh, when Tarun Majumdar made Balikabadoo This has never been seen before. The remake lacks freshness and originality. The actors are all good.Nothing is bad but the ultimate Hindi remake of all Balikabadoo remembered because of this song Bade achche lagte hain. “

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood and knows the industry inside out. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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