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Tanushree Dutta claims she is being harassed by ‘Bollywood mafia, old political circuit’


Actor Tanushree Dutta claims she was targeted and harassed by “the Bollywood mafia and the old Maharashtra political circle” for her stance against injustice. In 2018, Dutta rebooted a decade-long alleged harassment of actress Nana Patka.

“The Bollywood mafia, old Maharashtra political circles (still influential here) and vicious anti-ethnic criminals together usually get people in trouble in this way (sic),” The former Miss India wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Tuesday.

From her film being sabotaged to her life attempts, the 38-year-old claims she is being targeted in a systematic way.

“The #metoo culprits and NGOs I exposed” were responsible for her troubles, she said, without giving any names.

“I’m pretty sure the #metoo culprits and NGOs I exposed are behind it all, otherwise why would I be targeted and harassed like this?

“Shame on you all…this is serious mental, physical and psychological harassment. What kind of place is this where young boys and girls can be harassed and killed for speaking out against injustice? (sic) ‘ she added.

known for movies such as Aashiq Banaya Aapne and chocolateDutta said those who tried to pull her off would not succeed.

“I’m definitely not going to kill myself yeh kaan kholkar sun lo sab log!! I’m also not leaving and going anywhere. I’m staying and restoring my public service to unprecedented heights!”

The actor also said people would now try to “dismiss” her claims, but she has long been posting updates about her life.

Dutta said she will now focus on her happiness, new business and job opportunities.

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