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Tamasha Live Star Sonalee Kulkarni: Regional Cinema Is Working More Than Bollywood


This weekend, director Sanjay Jadhav will present his star-studded musical Tamasha Live. Set in journalism, Marathi-language film stars Sonalee Kulkarni and Sachit Patil lead the charge, while actors such as Siddharth Jadhav, Bharat Jadhav, Hemangii Kavi – Dhumal, Nagesh Bhosale, Mrunal Deshpande, Yogesh Soman, Pushkar Jog and Manmeet Pem play key roles role role. Role. News18.com recently sat down with Sonalee and Sachit for a candid chat about all things Tamasha Live.

The actors who play reporters in the film take a trip down memory lane and reveal that Sanjay has worked out every detail of the film when he tells the script. “I still remember I was in Dubai and it was during the second lockdown. I got a call from Dada (Sanjay Jadhav) and I thought he was going to tell me a story, a one-liner and then we would meet and then things would go Happened. But on the first call, it was a video call, he told me the whole movie, there were songs in the middle, all the characters, he played all the characters, and I got punched. I was really surprised , because he’s a filmmaker, he doesn’t have to do that. He can just narrate one sentence and we’re sold anyway,” Sonalee said.

As for Sachit, his first reaction to Sanjay after the narration was “What are you going to do?” “I was speechless. I only asked Sanjay one thing: “What are you going to do? “Because it’s a blockbuster. It’s his dream. For several years, he’s wanted to do a musical. When he told the movie, he just didn’t tell it, he showed me the movie. He The narration is so good. After listening to it, I realized that this is an important and important film for our industry because such a film brings content that is relevant to what is happening in our society today. You need to have Courage to make a statement, and when Sanjay Jadhav decided to make a statement, he made a statement musically. I was shocked and wondered how he could have come up with the idea,” said Sachet.

Given that Tamasha Live is a musical, the film contains about 23 songs and some dance sequences. The film features various Indian and international dance forms. However, the surprising part of the film is that it took only 19 days to shoot. The actors revealed they went through a two-month workshop to shoot the film at record speed before they headed upstairs.

Asked if they felt stressed during filming, Sonalee explained: “It was stressful and everyone who listened to the commentary was curious to see how everything would come to life on paper. But (putting everything together) Credit goes to Mr. Sanjay. He prepared us for two to three months, perfected the flow of dialogue and songs, and we really got the whole movie in our minds. We prepare for the film, just like the actors It’s the same as preparing for the play. Actually, after the release, we can go to the scene and put the whole movie in front of the audience, and we are fully prepared for this movie. Everything is well rehearsed.”

Tamasha Live is undoubtedly one of the biggest Marathi movies of the year. While Marathi-speaking audiences were looking forward to the film’s release, the film also made a splash among non-Marathi-speaking audiences. Aside from the excellent cast, one of the reasons behind this may be the wide spread of Marathi-language films during the pandemic. With OTT making Marathi content and subtitles easily accessible to more people, Marathi movies have transcended boundaries.

Noting the widespread reach, Sonalee and Sachit agree that Marathi-language films are finally getting the recognition they deserve, both nationally and internationally. “I think the biggest reason is OTT, because on OTT platforms you can see everything. Now you don’t have to wait for reshoots. Not just Marathi movies, but all regional movies,” Sonalee said.

While Sachit is a popular star in the Marathi-speaking film industry, the actor starred in a number of Bollywood projects at the beginning of his career. When we asked him if he would like to return to the Hindi film industry to make a film, he said: “There are already two or three films in talks, but I think I’m doing well in the Marathi industry. I’m doing good movies in this business as lead characters, so if I have to do a Hindi movie, it should either have good content or have strong characters and then I’ll do it. I don’t want to do it for the sake of it I’ve turned down movies in the past because we’re only remembered when a movie needs Marathi characters. I think (it shouldn’t) be the case.”

He added that thanks to OTT, he got more offers. He also said he might as well go back to the Hindi film industry. However, Sonalee wants Bollywood actors to star in Marathi movies.

“You should be asking when Bollywood actors will be in Marathi movies because local movies are more effective than Bollywood, whether it’s South Indian movies or Marathi movies. After Covid, we see it’s not about Big name, it’s about big and good content. So I’m happy to work in Marathi cinema. There’s a lot of room for experimentation that Marathi films offer, and I don’t think Hindi films give you that kind of space,” she said. Say.

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