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Taapsee Pannu on Fighting Patriarchy in Bollywood: Aapko Bola Jayega Aap Arrogant Ho


Taapsee Pannu on patriarchy in Bollywood: Taapsee Pannu has never shied away from talking about her self-made career, where she works without any references, referrals or internal visits.The actor has now made headlines in Indian cinema Mitali Raj, One of the most famous cricketers in the world.She said she can understand Mitu’s battles on the pitch because she had her own struggles in Bollywood, where it took her 10 years to make a big-budget movie like this dunk In collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan and director Rajkumar Hirani. But is it all as simple as it sounds?ALSO READ – Shabaash Mithu Movie Review: Taapsee Pannu Played Well But Didn’t Win The Game!

Exclusive Taapsee Pannu Interview: Women Have Learned to Say No to Filmmakers

in an exclusive interview Indian Net and the entire Zee Group, return Saying that women anywhere in the world don’t easily make their mark at work because they are often expected to “fit in”. The actor, who has worked in the Indian film industry, said: “It was only recently that you started seeing girls being the protagonists of films. They are calling the shots now. They have learned to say no. If they want something to come out a certain way , they know it. I’m not into the realm of a director or a producer, but in my field, I have full authority to decide what kind of movies or scenes I want or don’t want to make. Now, women in the industry say “No” is more confident. It’s a big change, and it won’t happen without any change. People aren’t used to hearing women disagree with someone, or simply refuse to do something.” ALSO READ – Taapsee Pannu on 10 years of working with Shah Rukh Khan in Dunki: Mere Paas Koi Inside Access Nahi Hai | Exclusive

EXCLUSIVE: Taapsee Pannu Says Women Always Need to Fit in

Taapsee adds that most people expect a woman to be at peace with everything she has, or just to fit in whatever environment she’s in. “It will take a long time for this change to happen because traditionally women are seen as the ones who will fit in. Now, it’s time for women to say unequivocally ‘I don’t like it’. People in the industry don’t Accept that rejection/rejection well. Women today are independent. They don’t always need support,” she continued. ALSO READ – From Kangana Ranaut to Taapsee Pannu: 5 Curly-haired Actresses in Bollywood and How They Flaunted Them in Every Look

Talking about her experience in the industry, Taapsee said that when women learn to say no, they get labeled differently. “We’ve been living in such a strong patriarchal world for so long that these changes are never going to be smooth sailing in the industry. If you’re the one bringing these changes, you’re going to be declared arrogant or difficult to deal with. All that Women who tried to break the glass ceiling were told the same.” However, the actor said it was important for women not to let such criticism affect them. “If you want to bring about change, you have to be strong enough to simply ignore the rhetoric and move on. You know you’re doing the right thing, and that’s what matters,” she said.

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