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Taapsee Pannu claims Shah Rukh Khan is the benchmark for every newcomer : Bollywood News


Taapsee Pannu has recently appeared on the big screen Shabash Mitu. While the film continues to run in theaters, the actress is already gearing up for her next adventure.Interestingly, Taapsee is paired with Shah Rukh Khan in Rajkumar Hirani’s movie dunkIn a recent interview with Pinkvilla, Taapsee talked about her thoughts on box office stars, successes and failures. If that wasn’t enough, Taapsee also spoke about Shah Rukh Khan and how, for the superstar, every success and failure is personal.

Taapsee Pannu claims Shah Rukh Khan is the benchmark for every newcomer

Taapsee Pannu claims Shah Rukh Khan is the benchmark for every newcomer

Talking about Shah Rukh Khan first, Taapsee claimed that SRK is indeed the benchmark for every newcomer in Delhi. Actor success and fame are the benchmarks that newcomers strive to achieve. Further revealing, Taapsee added: “I have told him (Shah Rukh Khan) that he is a benchmark or person that every outsider especially from Delhi looks up to. I am not a superstar, but he is a superstar. I really don’t Feel like when you work with someone like him or a superstar like him you realize that’s the bet on the word star or star. That’s when paanch saal se koi picture nahi aayi hai (he was in the last five Not released mid-year), but one of his moves set off a storm everywhere. His victories were personal, his losses were personal, and that’s the star. Not the star we thought it was.”

Talking about successes and failures later, Taapsee revealed that her family called her a loser, or worse, a winner. However, the actress claims that she has managed to progress in her career without taking success or failure too seriously. She details this evolution, “Many other things come with success, especially in this country. It teaches you not to take your success or your failure too seriously. That’s what I learned. I’m not a Good loser. I’m still…my family still calls me “she’s a very loser when I play board games”. I’m a painful loser and may actually be a worse winner .But in work life, I’ve gotten better, like I don’t value success or failure as much now. It’s not that it doesn’t affect me, it still affects me, it makes me a little bit upset, but I’m dealing with it got better.”

Back to the front line of work, post sabashmitu This is based on the life of Indian cricketer Mithali Raj, Taapsee also has an Anurag Kashyap thriller, workFollowed by dunk.

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