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Stylish Navratri Outfits Inspired by Bollywood Stars


HINDU HOLIDAY 2022: Hindus commemorate Navratri, one of many auspicious festivals. Navratri ends on the day of Dussehra after a nine-day festival. It is one of the world’s most diverse festivals, celebrated with immense fervor all over the world. Navratri festivities this year will begin today on Monday, September 26 and end on October 4. Preparations for the festival have begun now that it is just around the corner.

No one should be expected to choose their dress outfit blindly, so our blog has carefully curated a list of stars to help guide you in finding the perfect ensemble. Whether you are looking for a glitzy lehenga or a vibrant saree, we have plenty of choice for you.

Alia Bhatt

It can be a simple, but sophisticated black and white saree with sterling silver dangling earrings. Spend the day rocking a braid, but do not forget to adorn it with silver oxide jewelry. Take Alia Bhatt’s lead and wear a ring with your outfit as she did.

Kriti Sanon

If you’re trying to go all-out, imitate actress Kriti Sanon’s outfit in Gold and Glitter, as she slayed her look. If you’re following in her footsteps, let your outfit do the talking.

Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor certainly rose the temperature in the gorgeously simple lehenga, which accentuated her every motion and motion, giving her the appearance of an absolutely angel. Besides immolating Ravana’s effigy, you could wear an exquisite sari and incinerate him with your sheer sex appeal.

Kiara Advani

Are you a fan of vibrant colors? If so, you’ll find the Kiara look suits you best. The actress looked perfect in her traditional printed outfit and complimented the ensemble with golden earrings and minimal makeup.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone was at Cannes and she stole the attention away with her sophisticated off-white ensemble. She looked divine in the dress that she paired with a pearl necklace. Think no more and slay the day with this outfit if you also want all eyes on you.

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