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Stephen Colbert And Paul Hollywood Give Everyone a Great British Baking Fix



Everyone is eagerly awaiting the next series Great British Baking Show. The show is equally comforting, devastating, nerve-wracking, and delightful. It has it all. As with most popular shows, waiting for a new release can feel like an eternity. Luckily, Stephen Colbert decided to bring the taste of Bake Off late into the night by baking bread with baker, chef and GBBS judge Paul Hollywood!

Seeing Hollywood on the other side of the table makes this part exciting from the jump. It’s always interesting to see someone have to do what they usually judge others to do. I also love that people do what they are good at and put in hours. At one point Hollywood was so obsessed with what he was doing that he couldn’t stop twisting the bread dough. But it’s Colbert’s playfulness that makes this passage sing.

It wasn’t just Stephen Colbert who was joking throughout. That’s his job! What’s more interesting is that he seems to be deliberately not taking bread making seriously. He actively disobeyed instructions, to the delight and dismay of Hollywood. It’s amazing to watch someone like Hollywood, so used to people paying attention to his every word, that someone doesn’t listen to him in the slightest.

It may be months before we see new episodes Great British Baking Show. Until then, Stephen Colbert made you dust the dough with too much flour!

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