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Star Wars’ First Box Office Win Secretly Ruined Hollywood


“Star Wars” revolutionized blockbuster production, but its success came at the expense of William Friedkin’s “The Witcher” and the New Hollywood era.

In 1977, star wars It changed Hollywood filmmaking and distribution forever, but its box-office success came because it financially destroyed another cinematic masterpiece: William Friedkin’s hard-hitting and brutally tense action-thriller, wizard (a loose reimagining of Henri-Georges Clouzot wages of fear). While there are many beloved films now recognized as classics that initially clashed with fierce box office competition, first instance star wars movie obliteration wizard It’s a very important piece in the history of cinema. The moment essentially pinpointed where audiences divided, as it ostensibly ushered in the era of blockbusters and ended the New Hollywood era — one that gave directors more creative control than studios.

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In hindsight, it’s clear how star warsWith its fantastical imagination, clear morals and game-changing special effects, it will be a hit with audiences. However, its huge success was actually an unexpected shock to the industry. wizardOn the other hand, this is a follow-up to the highly anticipated Friedkin one-hit-two. French connection and exorcist – Two Oscar-winning masterpieces. In this film, however, a ragtag group of criminals from different corners of the globe are hired to transport highly unstable nitroglycerin by truck across two hundred miles of treacherous South American jungle, but it turns out that this is a luxury for Lucas. It’s a tough selling point for paintings. ‘ Movie. wizard after initial release star wars But the opening was so disastrous that it was quickly replaced by Lucas’ film to fill the mile-long queue already moved by the Force, highlighting that divide.

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wizardThe failure of a studio, it turns out, is one of the last examples of a studio offering a full-fledged director a lot of money and complete freedom to make whatever he wants.although star wars by giving Lucas the same privilege, its success and wizardThe failure scared studios to exert more control over their films in opposition to the power that many visionary directors had over Hollywood.Friedkin gets $22 million to produce wizard (roughly $113 million in 2022) — which was so huge in the mid-1970s that it required financing from Universal and Paramount — but it didn’t even recoup $6 million domestically.Later, Michael Cimino’s more expensive flop, a 1980s immortal western Heaven’s Gate, is widely considered to be the movie that killed New Hollywood forever. In contrast, star wars‘ The record opening provided the blueprint for success, and the blockbuster franchise has been trying to build on it ever since.

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Perhaps the closest comparison to box office data to suggest this cultural shift was in 2008 iron Man beat the badly misunderstood Wachowskis speed racer – Another blockbuster instance (this time a nascent MCU juggernaut) proves insurmountable for a special, author-led passion project.The problem, however, is that although star wars and iron Man Immediately recognized as a great film, it shoots like wizard and speed racer Years are widely accepted – when economic damage has already been done.Friedkin’s film is a nail-biter of depressing atmosphere and elements, exploring the dark side of fate and filled with truly harrowing horrors throughout its two-hour duration (the film’s notorious Crossing the Bridge). center is still totally jaw-dropping), no comparison with optimism star wars 1977.

However, history has shown that Friedkin and wizard correct. Many of the critics who slammed the film when it came out have given up their opinions and now consider it a forgotten classic of the 1970s, and Friedkin himself considered it his best film, even calling himself Stephen King, who is a movie lover, also declared it the most popular movie of his. It also gave their first scoring credit to the legendary synth company Tangerine Dream, whose influence provided soundtracks to many 1980s classics – risky business, legend, close to darknessEtc – still felt today, mostly a throwback to the 1980s, like Stranger Things. So even if star wars became an instant pop culture phenomenon and inspired many other blockbusters – such as Indiana Jones, back to the Future, and Jurassic Park Franchise – wizard Also withstood the test of time. Most viewers have only spent four decades to appreciate it.

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