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Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk speaks about the release of the much-anticipated sequel.

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The new version of Squid Game will be released soon and we can’t wait for it to come out!

Filmmaker Hwang Dong Hyuk recently confirmed that Squid Game will release with the second season and finished writing the script. The second season will be filmed next year and released in the winter of 2024.

The 2nd season of Sung Ki Hoon’s drama revolves around him, as the protagonist. In the 1st season, Ki Hoon awakens and becomes evil-hunting, with his red hair dyed as a symbol of that change. A source at the production told Netflix that the characters in Season 2 are no longer naive, for what Sung Ki Hoon learned from Season 1 carries over to Season 2.

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As in Season 1, the frontman (Lee Byung Hun) oversees the progress of the game, and the bag-carrying suit man (Gong Yoo) lures people in with his clothes. Also present will be ‘Chul Su’, the boyfriend of the giant doll ‘Young Hee’, who played the role of a tagger. ‘Director Hwang struggled to pick the final game for season 2, putting all his energy into gathering ideas for a new game that will appear.’ He explains that the game was selected using a unique approach.

Since many of the participants of season 1 died during the game, season 2 is expected to introduce a lot of new characters. While it’s rumored that Jung Ho Yeon and Wi Ha Joon may make an appearance in season 2, nothing has been confirmed. We don’t know yet whether or not the game is going to continue past Season 2, but it might with Seasons 3 and 4 to follow Season 2. Responding to the question, Is Squid Game Season 2 the last season?, Hwang Dong Hyuk answered, It may or may not be. Let’s say it’s 50/50.

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