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Sorry, so LimeWire is now a dumping ground for celebrity NFTs?


I have fond memories of hanging out at my childhood friend’s house and watching her use LimeWire to download thousands of pirated songs (and viruses) onto her home computer. It was a simpler time – we didn’t have to worry about jobs because we were only 12 years old. Soulja Boy’s “Crank That” has infiltrated our Midwestern school dance, and we’re obsessed with learning to choreograph. And this cool service lets you listen to any music you want for free. I love the internet, I thought to myself.

As a 2022 adult, read “[insert bygone brand name] came back! ” is a dangerous game. These days, announcements often contain a series of phrases that don’t make sense to the average person, as brands like RadioShack, Blockbuster, and other entities try to make a comeback through a wave of crypto and NFT hype. Today, I solemnly tell You, LimeWire is back, as a place for celebrities and musicians to sell NFTs.

Web3 LimeWire is not affiliated with the original LimeWire.The founders of the new company bought the website domain name from a former employee, Mark Gorton, CEO of the file-sharing version of LimeWire, told torrent freak In March, he didn’t even know about the name’s new plans, and he was “not excited.” LimeWire’s move isn’t even unique: other music services, like Napster, have also turned to Web3 in an attempt to rebrand them from oblivion.

While there are nuances about whether LimeWire actually “returns,” the new company hasn’t wasted any time digging into the popularity and nostalgia of its predecessor.The new company’s social media channels have hyped “reboot”, Today, the company announced that celebrities including Travis Barker, Brandy and Dillon Francis will be releasing a series of NFTs via LimeWire.

And, to fully loop things around in the least surprising way, lime line says 10,000 Soulja Boy NFTs will drop tomorrow if you want to spend your real money on a new problematic adventure.

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