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Sonu Sood rings in his birthday with family in Thailand : Bollywood News


One name has quickly become a household name since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the actor has even been called the savior of the pandemic, and he is Sonu Sood. Sud spared no effort to help the people of the county, and he continued to do charity work while filming for his films.Recently seen in Akshay Kumar starrer Samrat Prithviraj, Sud’s performance amazed the audience. But away from the spotlight, the actor decided to take a much-needed break with his family in honor of his birthday.

Sonu Sood celebrates birthday with family in Thailand

Sonu Sood celebrates birthday with family and friends in Thailand. Not surprisingly, the actor’s recognition and following of fans preceded him not only for his acting but also for his extraordinary acts of kindness. His fans in Bangkok were greeted warmly as they waited outside the Sheraton Sukhumvit Hotel to meet the famous actor. He received several gifts and bouquets from followers in Bangkok.

Sharing the picture on his Instagram handle, the actor posted “Tropical Tuesday 🌴 @sheratongrandesukhumvit @brandit.india” and if that wasn’t all, the actor also posed with fans and indulged in it.

In terms of work, the actor stands out for his performances Samrat Prithviraj will be next in a tamil movie Tamirasan Fatah is close behind.

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