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‘Soap,’ ‘Charmed’ Actress Was 73 – The Hollywood Reporter


Rebecca Balding is an energetic actress who appears opposite Billy Crystal Soap and depicts Alyssa Milano’s newspaper boss Charmed, already dead. She is 73 years old.

Balding died Monday in Park City after battling ovarian cancer, her 41-year-old husband, writer-director-producer James L. Conway, announced.

Bald also starred in horror movies silent cry (1979) and directed by Conway Burgan’s (1981). They first met when she was auditioning.

Conway is a producer at WB Charmed When his wife played Elise Rothman, bay mirror, where Phoebe Halliwell in Milan was an advice columnist. In the last five seasons of the supernatural series (2002-06), she appeared in 22 episodes.

on the ABC sitcom Soap, Bald again plays lawyer Carol David, who seduces Crystal’s openly gay Judy Dallas and gets pregnant. When he decided to “do the right thing” and marry her, she left him at the altar and then kidnapped the baby.

Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, Balding studied acting at the University of Kansas and worked at a local theater in Chicago before heading to Hollywood.

In her first TV appearance, she played reporter Carla Mardigian with Ed Asner on CBS’ first three episodes. Lou Grant 1977, then starring in the 1979 comedy with David Norton make it, It was a rare flop for producer Gary Marshall.

She also played Asner’s daughter in the 1977 holiday TV movie reunion; After his character’s death, she was reunited with Maureen Stapleton in the 1979 follow-up.

In addition to her husband, survivors include her daughters Sarah and Katherine, and her grandchildren.

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