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Shocking! Ranbir Kapoor’s Shamshera faces trolls, netizens are saying Bollywood is back again to insulting Hindus, Read More


Mumbai: The upcoming movie ‘Shamshera’ featuring Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor has been the talk of the town since the trailer was released, which has been hugely loved by fans on social media, but they are not keeping Calm down because they will meet actor Ranbir Kapor after 4 years.

But you know that several people criticized the film for several reasons. Some have called “Shamshera” a cheap copy of some iconic Hollywood films like “Thor” and “Harry Potter,” while others have called on the makers to once again show the villain as a tikka-clad Hindu. Many have also compared Ranbir’s “Shamshera” incarnation to Khilji in Ranveer Singh’s “Padmaavat”.

One social media user wrote in Hindi: “Hindus are being targeted again, smearing tilak on their foreheads and then stupid Hindus will look at it. dekhne jayenge.)”

“In old Bollywood movies, saffron tilak symbolized the villain in the movie…now even Vashnav tilak and Tripendra are used to represent the villain! It seems that Bollywood is in Sa There are serious problems with Natan culture,” another wrote.

“#Bollywood always tries to cast Hindus in negative roles, why villain Sanjay Datta acts like Hindu sadhu. You can show villains without any Hindu symbols,” reads one comment.

Another, slamming the Ranbir Kapoor film, wrote: “History proves that British era movie plots never go well… Mangal Pandey Thugs of Hindustan RRR LAGAAN is an exception! PS: Not talking about box office!”

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The review noted that “the trailer revealed more than it should because I was terrified of the length of the movie,” before adding that “the shamshera trailer is very disappointing as it reveals half the story.”

One netizen even tweeted on t KRK, asking: “Bhai #ShamsheraTrailer ka fun video ho jaaye.”

Bollywood has slandered Hindu Dharma for years, portraying villains as brahmins, sadhus, saints, priests…

Hindus are asking the government to take serious note 2 and stop issuing certificates like 2 movies!#Shamshera Trailer#boycottbollywood pic.twitter.com/MlfwLT72X7

— DIPTI (@__DIPTI__) June 24, 2022

After the audience #Shamshera Trailer pic.twitter.com/wN2119s0tM

– Indian Raja Bets (@smileandraja) June 24, 2022

#Shamshera Trailer – Yet another propaganda film in which the villain is a Shikha breeder from the Tilak movement #Brahman
So why do these actors go to temples to promote their films later?

The best shameless hypocrisy!!! https://t.co/o9oIkXuuOK

– Chandra Mog (@Cm_hjs) June 25, 2022

Hindu Tej Jago!

Ash Raj Pictures #shamshera depict #sanjaydutt Wear ‘Tilak’ and keep ‘Shikha’ (tuft of hair on head) as a villain!

How long will this mockery of Hindu law and Hindu culture last?#Shamshera Trailer #indophobia#boycottbollywood #BanShamshera pic.twitter.com/jPWnKHJCUj

— Sanatan Prabhat (Kannada) (@Sanatan_Prabhat) June 24, 2022

Nice try.#Shamshera Trailer pic.twitter.com/roXdtyCDYC

— Rahul Kr. gentlemen. (@BiharKaLall) June 24, 2022

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The movie Shamshera hits the big screen on July 22.

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