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Shivangi Joshi opens up about her plans for motherhood in a revealing interview with her sister


In response to a recent interview with her sister Sheetal Joshi, Shivangi Joshi answered 20 questions, among them how many children she would like.

The actor Shivangi Joshi is extremely popular and a huge success. She is currently a participant in Rohit Shetty’s action-oriented stunt-filled reality TV show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 12. In the recent YouTube video, Shivangi and her sister, Sheetal Joshi, have a pleasant interview. Shivangi Joshi answered Sheetal’s 20 questions and she asked a lot of questions to her sister. The bond between brothers and sisters is evident and relatable. Shivangi Joshi is absolutely adorable. Her sister asked Sheetal how many children she wants…

Shivangi just revealed how many kids she would like to have.

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Shivangi Joshi was Sheetal Joshi‘s guest on her YouTube channel. The two sisters both dressed in matching floral outfits and looked adorable. Shivangi answered the majority of our questions, from what she did not tell her sister to how many children she wants to have. In an interview, she responded to the question of how many children she wants to have by revealing she wants to have 12 kids. Sheetal teased her, saying she was going to form her own cricket team of 11 players. Shivangi played along and said yes, adding on 2 years in addition. Surely Shivangi Joshi’s statement is going to cause a ripple in the entertainment news world.

Throughout the video, we saw Shivangi Joshi and Sheetal in different places and Sheetal told us that Shivangi had a phrase to express the power of possession, As is mine, so is mine and as is mine, so too is mine. while they were discussing how she is an opportunist and will try to steal clothes from Shivangi’s wardrobe. Even though Shivangi Joshi was pressed to give a definitive answer, she maintained the same response despite being questioned about her favourite sibling. Sheetal asked Shivangi what her crush was, and what a doting elder sister she is!

Shivangi Joshi doesn’t recall having a crush on Hrithik Roshan

Well, she remembers that she used to like Hrithik, but she doesn’t remember the reasons behind it. So, her family recalled the entire story of Shivangi Joshi’s infatuation with Hrithik Roshan. That said, Shivangi sleeps with Hrithik’s photo underneath her pillow. In addition to that, she wanted an ad where the lead actor was Hrithik. The soft drink ad that came to mind had his face in it, back in the day when one would receive posters of the star in addition to the product. Shivangi‘s family members would buy posters of her. It’s such a heartwarming memory.

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