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Shefali Shah discusses the controversy around the title “Madam sir,” and the director adds, “Intention isn’t sexist.”


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The cast of Delhi Crime 2 by director Tanuj Chopra includes Shefali Shah, Tillotama Shome, and Rasika Dugal.

Delhi Crime 2, starring Shefali Shah, recently hit theatres and was well-received by viewers. In the programme, Shefali’s character DCP Vartika Chaturvedi’s coworkers address her as Madam Sir. Here is what Shefali, Tillotama Shome, Rasika Dugal, and director Tanuj Chopra said when we questioned them if the phrase is sexist during a recent interview. There is a lot of discussion and argument surrounding this, but I was told something really intriguing when I was filming season 1. It doesn’t matter what people name me as long as I get the job done, Chaya ma’am actually stated to me. And it actually doesn’t,” Shefali Shah asserts.

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She continues, “She is not here to correct people’s viewpoints that do not have an impact on her employment or the society. She is aware that it can only come from respect and love. She won’t visit each officer in the police station to correct them individually. “Kuch bhi bulao, mera kaam sahi karo” is her catchphrase. And it only emanates from respect and affection, or as it is known in Hindi, “ki acha.” Sincerely, I adore the phrase. It just seems so charming to me. You are aware that mujhe zarurat nahin lagti because har cheez ko dissect karne.”

According to Tanuj Chopra, “If you think about it, the term’s aim isn’t misogynistic. It has to do with power and respect. The phrase itself may be unusual, yet Vartika is always the subject when it is used. Thus, respect is the intention.

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