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Scrubs: Dr Cox’s Secret Hollywood Inspirations


Dr. Cox is one of Scrubs’ most memorable roles, and actor John C. McGinley draws on many Hollywood inspirations to flesh him out.

Dr. Perry Cox is one of them scrub The actor’s most memorable role, but many aspects of his character actually draw inspiration from Hollywood movies and stars.A unique blend of comedy and medical drama scrubOver its nine seasons, it has proven itself to be one of the most popular shows on television, attracting a loyal audience that continues to enjoy the show even more than a decade after its cancellation.

already scrub The perfect comedy pilot for Season 1, one of the show’s greatest strengths is its talented cast.so much scrub‘ The characters are truly memorable, but only a few of them can be considered larger than life.One of the characters was Dr. Percival Cox (John C. McKinley), a grizzled resident who became the medical director of Sacred Heart Hospital scrub‘ The finale is here.Cox’s narrative arc is one of the show’s most memorable and exciting, making his character a scrub‘ the best.

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The complexity of Dr. Cox as a character is a big part of what makes him so interesting, stemming from the plethora of unique quirks McKinley brings to the character.Many of these quirks not only help make Dr. Cox a scrub The best protagonists, but they are actually inspired by legendary Hollywood movies and actors.McKinley blends in with Robert Redford prick Into the role, and his real relationship with John Cusack and recognition for his role in Oliver Stone Row.

Why Dr. Cox’s Hollywood inspiration is perfect for the role

Dr. Cox rages about things in Scrubs he doesn't care about

The Hollywood inspirations McKinley brings to Dr. Cox are important because they don’t just make the character look three-dimensional—they actually flesh out his motivations and worldview. Each inspiration comes from a particularly masculine source, adding to Cox’s over-the-top masculinity in the process.For example, in prickRobert Redford’s character rubs his nose as a signal, and that’s what McKinley incorporates scrub to demonstrate when Cox was upset.

Another element of Dr. Cox’s character scrub It was his repeated use of girls’ names for JD, which McKinley reportedly did to his neighbor John Cusack in real life.Once again, there is a toxic masculinity in practice that further reinforces Cox’s scrub Unnecessary confrontation in order to appear tough. Another little inspiration is Dr. Cox’s sometimes slogan “What did you say, Bob?‘, taken directly from McKinley’s character in the 1986 war movie Row. The use of this line subtly alludes to Cox’s relationship with RowSergeant O’Neal, further adding to Cox’s own projection of masculinity.

Using these hyper-masculine inspirations helps distract from the similarities between Dr. Cox and JD. scrub, depicting Cox from a very different perspective than the protagonist of the show.However, as scrub Exploring, these outward manifestations of masculinity hide Cox’s insecurities, which only furthers the real-life inspiration to flesh out McKinley’s character.While the Hollywood inspirations behind Dr. Cox all reveal relatively minor aspects of the character, they help make him one of the most fascinating characters in film scrub.

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