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Sasha Banks’ Release Could Make Her WWE’s Next Hollywood Star


While WWE has yet to confirm it, Sasha Banks is reportedly in talks to release her WWE contract.bank, who star wars fans will know The Mandalorian because Reeves, She has not appeared on WWE TV since May 16. According to reports, she and her doubles partner Naomi had a falling out with the company over creative issues.The two left the field during the live broadcast born monday nightfreeing up their women’s doubles title in the process.

One of WWE’s legendary Four Horsemen, Banks will have many suitors as the latest in a long line of talents that WWE has released from contracts since 2020. All elite wrestling wants to add her to its women’s division, which has been one of the most criticized aspects of the promotion since it launched in 2019. While Banksy will be a hot commodity in the wrestling world, she may instead seek to carve a path in Hollywood.

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Banks quitting her day job to pursue acting full-time may seem like a strange move at first glance.There is only one acting credit to her name, even if it is star wars universe. She’s certainly impressive, especially when she delivers the jetpack-assisted Tornado DDT to one-time villain Boba Fett, but Banks doesn’t get much screen time in her two episodes.

Given the track record of the most successful wrestler-turned-actor, Banks seems wise to follow in their footsteps and gradually move away from wrestling. Dwayne Johnson, Dave Bautista and John Cena all got out of wrestling on their way to Hollywood, and they’re still wrestling while solidifying their acting careers Appeared in. Cena will even return to the WWE show for the second summer in a row. Following the script of a wrestler who has become a Hollywood fixture seems like Banksy’s best bet as he builds his film work.

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However, Banks is probably more concerned with her acting career than other wrestler-turned-actors. She may not have a lot of demos outside of WWE, but she also doesn’t have to overcome the stigma of starring in any cheesy WWE-produced action movie like Cena. Cena took years of acting to work with prolific writer/directors like James Gunn.Banks achieved this in her first performance, with The Mandalorian Creator Jon Favreau.

Bank does not appear in any star wars Project since season 2 The Mandalorian And won’t appear in season 3. Assuming this is no longer an issue with the WWE timeline, she could easily reprise her role as Reeves without any other wrestling commitments.even if she doesn’t come back star wars Soon, Favreau as a reference could do wonders for Banks’ career.

Before Favreau played a major role in the establishment star wars’ On Disney+, he’s at the bottom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.Favreau hasn’t been creative in the MCU since the director Iron Man 2, but as an actor, he’s still a part of it. Having Favreau in her corner could help Banksy play out in the ever-expanding MCU.

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It could also be a good time for Banks to get out of wrestling because of where she is in her career.After the main event WrestleMania, Banks doesn’t have much to accomplish in wrestling, she admitted in an interview with sports entertainer Logan Paul. It might also be a good time for her to give her body a break after working in a high-impact style and get others to take the bump for a change. Hollywood stars could provide her with the same cache, leading to huge wrestling rewards for Johnson and Bautista.

If she can make the transition from wrestling to a full-time career in Hollywood, Banks will open the way for other women’s wrestlers.Although she doesn’t strike when the iron is hot, she star wars The role is still a better starting point than any other wrestler’s acting career, save for Hulk Hogan Rocky III.

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