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Sanjeev Bhaskar leads celebrity reactions to UK Cabinet resignations


Actors Hugh Grant and Sanjeev Bhaskar and comedian Nish Kumar were among the celebrities to react to the news that Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak had resigned as health and finance ministers respectively, putting more pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson . Down.

Johnson resigned after he was forced to apologise for his handling of the Crispincher scandal. The Prime Minister “was aware of some of the allegations against Pincher” when he appointed him as deputy chief whip in February.

“I have spoken to the Prime Minister to resign from my position as Secretary of State for Health and Social Care,” Javid announced on Tuesday. “It has been a great honour to take on this role, but I regret that I cannot continue in good conscience.”

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Meanwhile, Sunak said: “I admit this may be my last ministerial position, but I believe these standards are worth fighting for, which is why I resign.”

“Health Minister Sajid Javid sensationally resigned from government. Blame Boris Johnson’s leadership failure. Is this a turning point for Prime Minister?” broadcaster Piers Morgan posted on Twitter.

He wrote after his initial tweet: “Wow!!! Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also resigned. Cabinet dominoes are down… Boris is over.”

morgan’s ex good morning uk “The government is collapsing,” co-host Suzanne Reid wrote.

She also retweeted Scottish Conservative politician Ruth Davidson’s post, “Great to see @sajidjavid and @RishiSunak showing some backbone. It’s been going on for too long.”

“Balance the fact that I can’t stand Javid or Sunak with the fact that I love seeing a rich white guy get knocked down by an Asian,” Nish Kumar, a comedian and regular on the British panel, tweeted.

Former footballer Gary Lineker wrote succinctly: “The party is over.”

Bhaskar, known for TV shows such as good me and Kumar at No. 42wrote: “Sajid Javid and Rishi Sunak resigned! Decis out! What’s in their paranthas this morning?

“Looks like big dog surgery or dead dog surgery or anything else that wasn’t really planned. Unless it was the plan?”

actor hugh grant who plays british prime minister Loveresponded indirectly to the resignation by retweeting a post that satirized political figure Count Binface, which showed the character standing by Johnson’s side during the 2019 election.

The title of the post was “British choice poor”.

hunt Actor Rufus Hodder said he wished he “had more joy in it, but it’s like the head of a Hydra”.

“No matter how many collapsed, new ones replaced them, and the monsters continued to rampage.”

it’s a sin Actor Omari Douglas tweeted that it was “time to resign” before retweeting a post by Twitter user Stefan Bertin that read: “You know Nadine Douglas Reese (Nadine Dorries) will end the year like Ross Titanic Hold tight to a rotting door frame. “

Burting pointed to Secretary of State Dorries, who on Tuesday said she “supports Boris Johnson”, describing him as the “prime minister who always gets all the big decisions right”.

give me give me give me Actress Kathy Burke retweeted Sunak’s resignation letter with actor Darren Criss in the role of Andrew Cunanan Dancing animation. Versace Assassination.

British TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal also uses pop culture gifs to add his commentary on the political situation, selecting shots of Mick and Pam Shipman from the comedy Gavin and Staceywhich read: “All the drama, Mick, I just love it.”

Clark-Neal added: “Gosh, this all started, not #government”.

Updated: July 6, 2022 at 7:21 am

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