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Salt-N-Pepa Get Sassy With Steve Harvey in ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Clip – Billboard


Salt-N-Pepa is fighting it celebrity family feud The cast against Disney this coming Sunday (July 17) on ABC proud family.

In an exclusive preview clip of the episode, Pepa steals the show by brazenly answering a famous question from Steve Harvey. “We asked a hundred married men, ‘Your wife is a lady on the street, what animal is in the sheets?'” the host asked the rapper, who wasted no time answering, “Cougar!” while playing with her Long hair, while fashionably imitating a cat’s meow.

“She just pulled her hair back and said, ‘A cougar,'” joked Harvey, adding, “If you want to… just run here… teach yourself something.”” It turns out, Of the 100 respondents, 13 gave the same answer — third on the list. (Salt already gave the first answer: tiger.)



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Check out the latest videos, charts and news

Harvey, however, was less interested in the hip-hop duo’s next answer, courtesy of Christopher Reid, aka the first half of Kid N’ Play. “A snake,” the “Rollin’ with Kid ‘N Play” rapper guessed, leading the host to a blank face, “she’s the snake in the sheets, we gotta get leave here. “

Last year, Salt-N-Pepa’s early ’90s rise to fame was documented in the couple’s highly anticipated lifetime biopic, though the TV movie also brought their influence back into focus with third member DJ Spinderella as well .That same month, the film hit TV screens and the group won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy at the 2021 Grammys, but Spinderella made it clear in an exclusive interview billboard There will be no reunion unless her former bandmates “apologise” to her.

Watch Salt-N-Pepa and Friends Charm Harvey celebrity family feud the following.

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