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Ryan Reynolds Ditches His Iconic Deadpool Suit for a New MCU Look


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ryan Reynolds’ classic Deadpool costume may be updated.

It’s no secret that Captain America and Iron Man’s costumes can change from film to film, and Bruce Banner has evolved from Hulk to Smart Hulk in virtually every film of the Infinity Saga. It’s been rumored that Deadpool’s entrance into the MCU will witness a redesign after he spent two films wearing the same costume. Moth Culture on Twitter has leaked Deadpool’s newest costume design, showing a brand new look for Ryan Reynolds’ debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ryan Reynolds has been one of the principle contributors behind the ascent of the walking comic book satire known as Deadpool in the first two movies by Fox. Rather than his first solo film – an origin story to try and course correct the cinematic mess that was his film with Hugh Jackman – his second film dived into the history and changes that can happen to characters, with a character design largely unchanged. Apparently, the new Deadpool design would add black covers to the torso, upper arms, and legs of the classic red suit.

The comments on the post indicate that viewers believe the news is fake, and the post should not be believed. Some readers accused the account of posting false information, reprimanding them for making an unconfirmed statement without evidence. Other readers inquired about whether this kind of account activity is normal, if this account has established credibility, and if it was accidental trolling or done out of intent. The last commenter brought up an issue surrounding Deadpool 3 that had nothing to do with what costume Ryan Reynolds will wear.


It has been 22 years since Hugh Jackman starred in an X-Men movie, and for the entire duration of his stint with the series, he has never once donned the black and yellow suit from the comics. Fans have wondered if we will ever see Jackman in the classic yellow spandex suit since Cyclops (James Marsden) made a sarcastic comment about it in the first movie in 2000. He would make a better Deadpool without any silly superhero suit or mask and it would happen mainly on the silver screen with Reynolds doing all the stunts himself.

There’s a lot of time left before we can anticipate Deadpool 3 and there’s still a lot of mystery regarding what outfits we’ll see in it. Nonetheless, there is fun in speculating. The fact that Ryan Reynolds plays Deadpool as faithfully to the comics, and that Hugh Jackman prefers to stay more rooted in Wolverine’s original incarnation, may hint at what the latter actor will be like as Logan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With ten years’ worth of anticipated building-up waiting in the queue, the thought of the desired hearing a long-time favorite, Avengers Assemble! Now being used by the usually unseen-yet-ever-visible Deadpool is quite exciting. They seem quite eager.

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