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RM of BTS Offers Important Advice to K-Pop Trainees – ‘Please Don’t Forget You Are Human’


RM, a member of BTS, recently became acquainted with Pharrell Williams and gave K-pop trainees important advice, something that has been of importance to him.

RM, member of the popular South Korean boy band BTS, is preparing to make his solo debut soon. Meanwhile, RM’s bandmate and rapper Kim Namjoon has been working on his solo album and it is slated to come out on November 25, this year. In a recent interview with Pharrell Williams, the K-pop star offered special advice to aspiring K-pop stars.

During the interaction, RM stated the following after Pharrell mentioned how some boy groups in America don’t seem to be much respected despite putting out quality content. He first cautioned about belonging to the same industry and then said that there is always some good and some bad things.

Originally intending to be a rapper but unwittingly entering into this society’s corrupt center, he praised HYBE Labels and its founder Bang PD, saying they understood artists since they themselves were immersed in their creation. He said being reminded of being human keeps them grounded through it all.

Then, RM continued by offering a specific piece of advice to the industry’s trainees: “Please don’t forget you are human, you have a job in this industry and please be who you are and the fact that what we can do can influence the people, can charge each other’s batteries, you know, give, take love back and forth. That’s what I think has always been important for me.”

A few months ago, BTS announced that they’re splitting up for the time being to explore their solo careers, but that they would return soon. BTS, a boyband from South Korea, was founded in 2010 and took a break in December 2021 after announcing that they needed to spend time alone.

Earlier this year, Jung Kook, a member of BTS, released his first solo single My You, while J-Hope, also a member of BTS, headlined the Chicago Lollapalooza music festival in July. Jimin said that they are currently experiencing a hard period where they are looking for their own identity and are making it a longer and difficult process.

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