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RIP Mimi Parker: Minimalist Rock Band Low’s Vocalist and Drummer

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Mimi Parker, famed for her bone-chilling vocals and her time in the critically acclaimed rock band Low, passed away on Saturday. She had been battling ovarian cancer since 2020.

Friends, it’s difficult to put the universe into words and into a brief message, the band wrote on Sunday morning’s tweet from its official Twitter account. Keep her name near to your heart and hold it in high regard. Share this moment with someone who needs it. Love is, after all, the most essential thing. She went away last night, surrounded by family and love, including yours.

Low, which was founded in 1993 by Parker and her husband Alan Sparhawk in Duluth, Minnesota, quickly became a key band in the slowcore movement that would come to be known as the decade. The band was supported by the delicate vocal harmonies of its core couple, which could cut through even the loudest sounds. They were known for their exquisitely basic, droning, and sombre instrumentals. In an interview with All Things Considered in 2021, Parker remarked of the band’s music, “I’ve been pushing towards the beauty and I know Alan sometimes concentrates on the turmoil.”

Born and bred in Minnesota, Parker claimed in an interview with the magazine Chickfactor that she was nurtured in a musical household with a mother who aspired to be a country singer. In a 2005 interview with Terry Gross for Fresh Air, she described her early musical experiences with her family: “My part was always to come up with harmonies, because Mom and my sister would usually sing the lead.” “I learned how to just listen and draw and come up with harmonies from the beginning.”

In her high school marching band, Parker made her drumming debut. She and Sparhawk met in the fourth grade and started dating in junior high. They are both active Mormons. Years later, the two would get married and eventually start the band Low with John Nichols as the first bassist. Parker, who has two children with Sparhawk, said to NPR in 2021, “Honestly, for the marriage, for the family… we never would have lived this long as a band.”

After receiving positive reviews for their 1994 debut I Could Live in Hope, Low went on to release 13 albums over the course of the next 27 years. The band joined the influential label Sub Pop in 2004, and with albums like 2018’s Double Negative, which was praised in NPR Music’s list of the Best Albums of 2018 as “a collection of crackling transmissions sent across the din, hopeful voices rising out of the craggy darkness,” its dynamic sound continued to develop. The band’s final album with Parker was 2021’s well-regarded HEY WHAT.

In order to accommodate Parker’s cancer treatments, the band postponed many European performances in August. Later, in October, the band declared that their entire European tour was being cancelled. In a statement at the time, Sparhawk said, “There have been difficult days, but your love has supported us and will continue to lift us during this time.

Parker disclosed that she had been given the news that she had ovarian cancer in a 2022 episode of the podcast Sheroes Radio. When people receive a diagnosis, Parker said, “I think it’s important to — some people have a tendency to wonder why, why me.” “That has really changed my perspective totally,” the speaker said. “I never had that. It was always, why not? We’re all subject to whatever random this and that happens.”

Our time could be limited, so what should we do with the time we do have? she said. We make an effort to give each day meaning.

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