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Rio de Janeiro Launches 35 Percent Film Tax Incentive – The Hollywood Reporter


Rio de Janeiro is up in the air to entice Hollywood to film its films and TV series locally.

Local city agency RioFilme has introduced a 35% tax credit for audiovisual productions. The goal is to attract Hollywood and other foreign production and film investment to Rio de Janeiro from elsewhere in Brazil, including São Paulo, making the Brazilian city a major international destination for film and TV producers.

The introduction of the Rio tax credits comes after Netflix opened an office in São Paulo to film originals. drug lord Produced by producer José Padilha mechanism Netflix Brazil series, and city ​​of god Directed by Fernando Meireles 7 prisoners For the streaming giant, it’s looking to expand beyond São Paulo to film projects in local languages.

International works will be eligible for $2 million in Brazilian reals, or about $380,000. In return, foreign dramas filmed in Rio de Janeiro must have at least two locations identifying the Brazilian city and be seen in at least six non-Portuguese speaking countries.

Foreign feature films must be novels or animations, while serials must have at least three episodes of fiction, animation or reality TV. Eligibility rules also state that foreign producers must work with local Brazilian production companies, either as co-production partners or as pay-for-service producers.

RioFilme will provide a 30% investment in international productions and productions in other Brazilian states filmed in Rio de Janeiro. If the city is the primary backdrop for a project, RioFilme can offer cash rebates of up to 35% on local spending.

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