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RGV: KGF 2 is a ghost hovering over Bollywood


By changing the visual grammar of the film, Ram Gopal Varma made us fall in love with the gangster genre. At his peak (“Shiva”, “Satya”, “Company”), he wowed us with his charming style of filmmaking.

But today, he has inevitably fallen victim to his reputation as a maverick craftsman. People now find his social media posts and party videos more fun than his movies.

People were angry at his comments on Twitter and frequently called for his arrest. But some admired his “brutal honesty”. Many, perhaps rightly, thought his comments about the female body were tasteless. Today, there are explicit scenes taken out of context in his films. As if they were there to amuse the audience.

The 60-year-old came to the city to promote his latest martial arts film, “Ladki,” which he called a tribute to the legendary Bruce Lee. The multilingual film, starring taekwondo-trained Pooja Bhalekar, ran into trouble with a censorship board to remove more than 10 close-ups. At the press conference, show time Ask about his work and ideas.

The answer reiterated that RGV was playing his own game, and he cared the least about how the world judged him. extract:

Your controversial tweets are causing you trouble these days, but you don’t seem to be disturbed by how things are going…

When I tweet, people think I’m an alcoholic because I tweet at 8pm. Honestly, I’m more dangerous when I don’t have vodka. I tweet at night because that’s when I finish my day. That’s when I update myself about what’s going on in the world. Regarding my tweets, as a free citizen of this country, I have my observations and comments to publish in the public domain.

You have always admired the Southern film industry very much. There is a saying that movies from the South eclipsed Bollywood. What’s your take on this debate?

I can’t say that southern cinema has taken over northern cinema. That’s a misnomer. Five languages ​​from the South and about 1,000 films are produced each year. Of these, only four or five were late. KGF: Chapter 2 is a movie like no other. The unexpectedness of a Kannada-dubbed film being one of the hits deserves some discussion. Now, KGF: Chapter 2 is almost like a ghost, hovering over Bollywood.

You used to be the pioneer of new age cinema in the Hindi film industry. Today, your declining reputation in the industry is a reality. How do you explain this shortcoming?

I have nothing to do with the film industry. I’m an independent filmmaker and I make films that interest me. I have no affiliation with the industry or society itself. Whatever I want to do, say, whatever I want to live, I will do it. I will keep making the movies I want to make.

There are at least two or even three RGV films a year. Most of them are considered “experiment gone wrong” by fans. Why don’t you believe in investing more time in your projects?

The speed of my work has nothing to do with the outcome of the movie. The longest I’ve ever shot for a movie and what became my most expensive project was “Aag”. You know what happened to it. That was the biggest failure of my career. The shortest time I’ve ever made a movie without any script on hand is Satya. So it all depends on the working style of the filmmaker.

There is no doubt that you are a master of many genres. But these days, the genre takes a back seat to your films because they mostly come across as vulgar. Camera angles are voyeuristic in nature.

Voyeurism is a very subjective topic. When I’m making different types of films, or when I’m showing a man or a woman in a particular scene, framing is based on my vision. That’s how I see that particular element in the movie. That’s what made me an individualistic filmmaker. What you see on the screen is an expression of what I’m trying to say.

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