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Reviews for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Ep 7: After the death of Adar, Mordor finally rises


Episode 7 of Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power: Here is Pinkvilla’s review of the movie starring Morfydd Clark.

Cast: Morfydd Clark, Joseph Mawle

Creators: J. D. Payne, Patrick McKay

Language: English

Here’s a recap

In Episode 7 of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the result of the volcanic eruption led to the death of a key character as the plot thickens. Through the ruins, Míriel and Theo attempt to catch up to the ones who are still alive. Along the way, Míriel loses her eyesight, and Elendil mourns the loss of his son Isildur. Meanwhile, Beret the horse, believes his owner is alive and pursues him, spurred on by Isildur’s bond with him. Queen Míriel tells Queen Galadriel they’ll return to combat the enemy again soon. Elendil and the other Númenóreans have made it back to Númenór. Though seriously wounded, Halbrand rides off with Galadriel to seek the assistance of a Healer in the Elven settlement of Eregion. Before they depart, he is honored with a stately parting from the Southlanders and Númenóreans. Bronwyn is the love interest and mother of Theo, who first had him when he was very young and then didn’t see him for years. At the beginning of the series, she welcomes him home and speaks to him as one soldier to another.

Elsewhere, King Durin III of the dwarves clashes with his son, Durin IV, over the idea of providing Elrond with the dwarves’ precious mithril to help save the elves from extinction. Although Elrond tried to convince his father of the great idea, Durin III refused and then did a marvelous thing. Although Durin III realised that Elrond had returned the Mithril to him which he had lost, and so he had grown a green leaf. He found a way through the mines and found a new ore of gold, to take back and re-purify with the mithril. Durin III banishes the friends. After his wife Disa (Sophia Nomvete) says the mithril belongs to the couple and he is destined to become King, a downtrodden Durin III gains empowerment from her words.


In that instance, The Harfoots (Bernard Burrows and Clemia Burrows) can’t enjoy their lands due to the consumption of their food and because of a star-map the former took. The Stranger (Daniel Weyman) tries, but is ultimately unsuccessful at infusing life into the woods. Sadoc Burrows (Lenny Henry) gives the former the maps to what he is seeking. Having rewarded Markella Kavenagh with land as a thank you for her help, the Earth appears to flourish in harmony with the animals, The Stranger and the Harfoots re-supplying with food in their respective carriages, as Sauron’s henchwomen go out and burn the Harfoot carriages in attempts to destroy them. Nori embarks on an adventure to assist The Stranger after receiving a pep talk from her father Largo (Dylan Smith), and along with her are best friend Poppy (Megan Richards), mother Marigold (Sara Zwangobani), and Sadoc.

The act of letting go…

Lastly, when Durin III drops the strengthened leaf into the Mithril, Balrog makes his presence felt. With a victorious Adar (Joseph Mawle) and his children, they celebrate over the fallen Southlands as the new Lord claims the land as Mordor. Although it doesn’t sound very engaging, a significant portion of the episode focused on Galadriel’s mentioning to Theo that alongside her brother she also lost her husband Celeborn. The Lord of the Rings trilogy fans know the character. There is also a brewing romance between Galadriel and Halbrand that is gaining attention among fans of The Rings of Power.

Here are some factors

The visual aesthetic of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is flawless, and Ep 7 demonstrates this. In the ruined Southlands region, there are hints of the horror that lies ahead, with Mordor lurking around every corner. While the after-effects of the volcanic eruption are well-portrayed, the ensemble’s excellent performances, especially Morfydd Clark and Lloyd Owen, are the icing on the cake. This episode worked thanks to how it oscillated between heartbreaking and exciting developments, whether it was the good and tight friendship between Elrond and Durin IV or the quick flirtationship that we could sense between Galadriel and Halbrand. LOTR thrived thanks to its relatable and great characters and The Rings of Power has followed the same path.

Potential drawbacks

Intriguingly, this week’s episode contained no faults, given the major complaint fans have been having about pacing is adequately resolved over the last few weeks. Accumulating a healthy amount of suspense, the following week concludes with a fast-paced and likely exhilarating finale. As long as the writing maintains its caliber, this could be a remarkable finish.


Each week this reviewer has found out about The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, watched it and read what happened, and then gone into the following episode with excitement. Episode 7 is no exception to the show! In spite of all the naysayers who continually disparage this series, I still think it’s worth a shot. There is great storytelling at play with this ensemble. Episode 7 also had a striking visual quality right off the bat. Particularly the first shot, which saw Galadriel with her ashes darkened and witnessing nothing but fire surrounding her. It is impossible not to recognize the connection to Mordor and Middle-earth in this point, realizing just how dangerous and huge the task is to fight it. On the other hand, these theories continue to fall apart for those interested in the TV show – particularly Halbrand and The Stranger – and now eagerly await next week’s episode. It seems like you’re curious about Isildur and the next development.

A few highlights

While waiting for The Rise of Mordor, I have plenty of time to appreciate its beautiful, cinematic visuals.
Actress Morfydd Clark as Galadriel is yet again the scene-stealing performance this season.
Excitement over the fate of key characters like Isildur and the Stranger is ramped up.


By steering the narrative on an emotional high, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Ep 7 perfectly prepares us for an epic finale.

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