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Review: ‘Westworld’ Has Entered the New, Better Frontier of Sci-Fi


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When it first aired six years ago, west world Represents the famous science fiction at its peak. An expensive HBO series of old-school Michael Crichton pedigree with a top-notch cast and a bewildering premise: What if all the sentient robots or “hosts” in Western theme parks “All think they’ve had enough of kicks and drags? Subsequent seasons revealed the impact of artificial intelligence and stretched far beyond the boundaries of Westworld’s appeal, with money, corruption, and consciousness tampering on a global scale that was nightmarish fuel for viewers watching Twitter at home. It’s a blow – even an ordinary one.

But like many hit shows did at the end of their second season, it was a bit off track. By season 3, west world has become exhausted – a game that may have also Lots of good ideas, but not enough places to put them. When host Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) walks out of Westworld and tries to destroy and/or save the humans who enslaved her, she sparks a revolution that leads to the reality manipulation artificial known as Rehoboam Destruction of intelligence. The Man in Black is revealed to be William, the son-in-law of the founder of Delos who built Westworld. Everyone has their role, lots of people (and robots) die, and by the end, keeping track of all or any one person feels like a chore.

For the first two episodes of Season 4, which launches June 26, things have changed, and for the better. Caleb (Aaron Paul), a former soldier who resists the machine, now has a family and a steady job, and while he also suffers from PTSD, he doesn’t pose as easily as he used to.He’s been summoned to join Maeve (Thandie Newton) again as they’re both hunted down by their shadowy masters again, but now their quests have a sense of thinking about character drama rather than a third act scene terminator Movie.Maybe west world Will burn slowly for the first half of the current season. Regardless, creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan seem to have gotten a hint that in modern sci-fi, less is more.

The best shows and movies tend to be character dramas in nature; even west world is in its first season. But as we enter a new golden age of television, the show’s more focused direction marks a shift that has long been fortunate to happen. The best shows right now aren’t science fiction with some interesting characters, but thrillers or political dramas with a sci-fi setting.it is for all mankind play like mad Men in space.or Following YangThe family drama, about the persistence of memory, is wrapped in the story of a deceased robot.

Or, perhaps its best incarnation yet, Severance pay. The Apple TV+ hit is primarily a workplace thriller about coping with loss, but it’s built around the genre premise of “Should we fork our brains?” and “What if you lived in a corporate town where the company was very shady or even cult?” Futuristic science fiction can often feel ruthless, which works well in sowing a dystopian vibe, but can also be a little disappointing.what kind of program Severance pay and west world What is being done is burying philosophical dilemmas under a glossy surface. The inner world is constructed as powerfully as the outer world. It’s an ideal that has been at the center of sci-fi for decades, but can get lost in the quest for ratings and dizzying.

for west world, the move paid off. In the weeks following the premiere of the show’s new season, Vanity Fair Writes that the latest issue is an “upgrade”. The Daily Beast says it’s “worth watching again.” It also feels right. Genre franchises often lose their way, then correct their course. west world‘s latest season is the reboot it needs.

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