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Review: The Biggest Drawback of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? It’s Just for Fans


wednesday i Take a bus to see central London Thor: Love and Thunder, one of several simultaneous previews showing at cinemas in Leicester Square. It’s not a star-studded red carpet deal — that’s a posh theater across the street — but a cardboard Chris Hemsworth for selfies, laughing fans lining up clutching a large plastic hammer. Later, as I sat in the noisy auditorium waiting for the movie to start, someone behind me repeatedly tried to record an audible message for his followers, so I heard him online about 50 times summarizing every single Marvel movie plot (not a feat) and Marvel invited him to the preview as a reward. He also claimed that, to his delight, Hemsworth was in the building. A pre-recorded greeting later confirmed that, alas, Hemsworth wasn’t even in the country, but writer/director/Korg Taika Waititi, Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), and Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) from another. A theater came by to thank the audience. “How gay is this movie?” one fan shouted at Portman. “So happy,” she replied after a pause, and, touchingly, the crowd cheered. (They both wield big plastic hammers, it seems to me; that might be a false memory.)

Say what you love about the Marvel franchise, fans have the depth of 29 movies and are still playing. As someone who’s only watched less than a quarter of it and hasn’t read any comics, I can’t make up a clever criticism, not even on the level of Martin Scorsese. What I will say, however, is that over the years, it has become more and more difficult to just get into franchising. Thor: Love and Thunder Hammered this home. This is not a criticism at all. Rather, it’s a reckoning: At this point, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become so dense and self-referential that it’s hard to watch one of these films without feeling like you’re missing all the jokes and plot reveal. Basically, if you don’t understand the characters, you have a lot to lose. love and thunder It’s been sold as an action movie, but in many ways it’s more of a hangout type.

This latest Thor is a self- Thor: Ragnarok, Also helmed by Waititi.exist love and thunderthe new villain is God the Butcher Gore, played by Christian Bale, a silver man with a smile like the moon. Mathura’s mask There’s also a disturbing voice, like Bell’s true British accent. Gore wanted to avenge the gods because one of them let his daughter die; by the way, he got the Necromancer, a god-killing weapon. Thor, orange and sculpted, each arm is a sun-drenched mountain, had to give up hanging out with the Guardians of the Galaxy crew to stop him. Meanwhile, his ex, Jane Foster, was diagnosed with cancer. However, wielding Thor’s old hammer seems to have brought her back to health, as well as putting her in a costume that matches the target. They reunite with the Valkyrie after Gore attacks New Asgard and escapes with the city’s children. The team’s journey will take them to the omnipotent city, where Russell Crowe plays Zeus with a funny, Greek(?) accent.

write on art review, Gerry Canavan reflects on what he calls Marvel’s “late style” characterized by a “high degree of self-awareness” and a “self-referential focus on the hero’s past.” “Without a single focus, everything is built up relentlessly,” Canavan wrote, “but instead focusing on subtle shifts in one’s self and one’s own emotional rhythm, interrogating, mourning, and remixing one’s own past.”

This summary just captures the problem love and thunder. Take Thor and Foster’s relationship that flourished in the first two Thor movies, not the acclaimed RagnarokTo its credit, Waititi offers plenty of recaps to keep you up-to-date, usually through lovable rocker Korg’s tone, or Matt Damon’s in-scenes. But these don’t provide the emotional character development necessary for you to care about the couple’s struggles with love and cancer.

A fair response would be to point out that Marvel movies, like Marvel comics, are meant to be enjoyed in conversation with each other; they were never separate stories.But there is an apparent aimlessness love and thunder It’s hard to ignore if you don’t watch movies to see your favorite characters.in a postEnd Game World, the stakes for drama are just lower, exacerbated by the calm, sarcastic tone of Waititi and his cast.The films were formed in his image, shot with the same mischievous satire, which also told him what do we do in the shadows. But the tone makes it feel like nothing really matters: we’re just here to have fun.

It’s ok! (Or if the Marvel franchise’s supermassive black hole didn’t devour the prospect of other blockbusters without Tom Cruise or the Minions, that would be a good talking point.) These movies don’t have to be for everyone, and it’s interesting that, Almost avant-garde, they became so intimidating to outsiders. But how will they age? Would an audience in 30 years, imagine they have a completely different frame of reference, find them worth watching? Is it conceivable that they would log into Disney+ Max and watch 50+ hours of movies to get references in one movie? Maybe, but we’re also far from over.back love and thunderFor the credits, Zeus appears to summon Hercules, the subject of another film. There is also a comic, and many legends about him.

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