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Rapper Dino James hopes hip-hop comes at par with Bollywood soon


Rapper and songwriter Dino James is happy to see hip hop gaining popularity in the Indian music scene, but feels it still has a long way to go.

“It’s beautiful and now, I hope it grows enough to one day go hand in hand with Bollywood and become a family genre. New artists come in with renewed voices, in fact, artists come in with more love for art Now the talent needs to be taken care of and developed,” James told us.

In fact, he’s trying to push the genre into the mainstream with the release of his debut album D. He hopes this will be his introduction to the global music industry. He examines his life and song’s journey. “I want my music to speak for me. I’m sure even Shahrukh Khan, when he started out in the city, didn’t know what he was going to be. Progress may be slow, but don’t stop being The motto you deserve everything,” he said.

Speaking of his album, which was released in May, he shared: “My album is a collection of different sounds that I want to put out there. The complete experience of the melody, the story and the general expectations of a bar. Songs like DN Me tell It’s about my lonely journey in hip-hop, and songs like On the Rocks are about how I found my calling. Music itself is liberating, and rap is just a way of expressing it. Honestly, this piece The idea for the album was inspired by the number of rusty songs I had on my laptop. I just had to give them a bright day, so I decided to go for an album instead of a single”.

Integrating his life into the song’s narrative, he said: “That’s where my art comes into play. I haven’t been through everything I rap, but it’s definitely a point of view that helps people connect. My The story speaks for itself, and people can get whatever they want out of a story, a lesson, or a feeling.”

“From assistant directors to actors to call centres and more, it’s all about making ends meet in Mumbai. The city of dreams will test you a lot before it’s given. It really helps when you go through such uncertain stages Building character. The city has me honed, grounded and ultimately accepted,” he added.

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