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Raju Srivastava Health Update: Star comedian still in ICU; Here’s when he’s likely to regain consciousness

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Raju Srivastava Update: The well-known comedian is still on the ventilator. people usually hope that he will wake up, at this point.

Following a heart attack at the gym, Raju Srivastava’s fans have been desperately praying for his recovery. The collapse occurred and the patient was transported to AIIMS in Delhi. He’s been put on a ventilator. The star comedian underwent angioplasty. Not only is Raju Srivastava being treated for his heart failure, but he also has a brain infection. Now, it is being speculated that he may recover from his coma within a couple of weeks. Doctor Padma, one of the country’s top neurologists, is monitoring his treatment. Attempting to enter the room and take a selfie with the patient, a man was nabbed by hospital staff on Monday.

The comedian is receiving antibiotics for a serious brain infection. He receives 50% more oxygen than he was previously receiving. Currently, Raju Srivastava is responding well to the treatment. This has provided hope to his family and friends. The CM of UP Yogi Adityanath and India’s Health Minister Harsh Vardhan is also examining his condition. Their family has their full support. At his brother’s home in Delhi, five-day long poojas have been held to pray for his quick recovery. His wife, Shikha, is performing the poojas with the family.


They also performed pooja at his family home in Kanpur and planted 51 neem trees there. As we all know, neem trees have significance in astrology. Planting neem trees is said to protect against some planets’ malefic aspects. A prayer has been offered at the Mahakaleshwar Temple of Ujjain, too. The comedian is well-known for his television work. India’s largest and best stand-up comedian. We hope Raju Srivastava comes through this ordeal unscathed. Gajodhar Bhaiyya is a household name.

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