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Rafael Nadal’s Wife Gives Birth to First Baby, Djokovic Wishes Them Health and Happiness


Rafael Nadal and his wife Mery Perelló welcomed their baby son to the world this past Wednesday according to reports. Find more details below.

As many Spanish sources have noted, Rafael Nadal and his wife Mery Perelló welcomed their first child together on October 8, a baby boy. According to Diario de Mallorca, a son was born to the couple on the island of Mallorca. It was previously confirmed by the Tennis player that his wife is pregnant, but now the world knows their son’s arrival.

When asked about what he will be doing after becoming a father next month during a press conference, the 22-time Grand Slam winner said that he does not know what changes will occur in his professional life afterward. Nadal spoke about his dream of starting a family in the past to The Sun, I would like to have children: boys, girls. I am a person who loves children and I am a family type. … I think it’s also and above all about taking care of the children.

The message by Novak Djokovic
It’s unknown whether he will share the news formally or on social media, but Tennis legend, Rafael Nadal was just informed of the happy news by his friend, Novak Djokovic and shared the wonderful message of congratulations. While playing at the Astana Open in Kazakhstan, Djokovic revealed the news. Reacting to the same, he said, “Congratulations! I didn’t know. Really? It’s a wonderful news. I wish her and her baby a lot of happiness and health.”

Nadal and his wife tied the knot in October 2019 after dating for 14 years. The couple is known to keep their relationship private, and Nadal has admitted he prefers to keep a low profile in his personal life since his professional life keeps him in the spotlight. Nadal had some great baby news this past week and not just the the biological variety. The world is eagerly anticipating the announcement of who the mother will be. So he had not just baby good news this week, but sports world good news when videos of him crying over his old friend, and soon-to-be son-in-law, Roger Federer went viral.

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