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Quentin Tarantino turned his back on Hollywood


Legendary director Quentin Tarantino has quietly started a new life away from Hollywood.

It took Israeli media all day to learn that Quentin Tarantino was hanging out in the maternity ward of Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital in early July.

He and his wife Daniella Pick are expecting their second child, a girl, to join their 2-year-old son Leo.

But like their style in Israel, the Tarantinos hide from the public eye.

So much so that the other moms-to-be on the floor didn’t know they were getting along with the Oscar winner.

“I heard from our midwife that he was there, but never met Tarantino,” said actress Carney, who also delivered her daughter in Ichilov.

black humor director of this type of film pulp Fiction and kill bill Three years have been spent living a low-key life in the sunny Mediterranean metropolis. Tel Aviv seemed like an unexpected landing for Tarantino – but that might just be his happiness ever since.

Tarantino, 59, and Pique, 38, met at their 2009 premiere shameless bastard In Israel, nine years later held an intimate Reformed Jewish ceremony at their Beverly Hills home before dating on and off before getting married.

Pique is actually a royal in Israel, and she’s been as famous as Tarantino since she was born. Her father is Svika Pick, an iconic 1970s Israeli pop musician with long hair and a quirky sense of style, and she’s a musician herself—in the early 2000s, she and her sibling Sharona Joined a band called The Pick Sisters.

When the couple’s son Leo (named after his great-grandfather, not after Tarantino’s frequent star DiCaprio) was born in February 2020, it was two big surprises for Israelis. A fusion of cultural icons.

“The existence of a man whose father is Quentin Tarantino and whose grandfather is Swikapique,” Leo exclaimed in a viral tweet in Hebrew after his birth. (A follow-up tweet earlier this month noted that Israel now has two of these little guys.)

Shortly after their marriage, the couple bought a six-bedroom, 269-square-meter villa on Elkakhi Street in Ramat Aviv Gimel, a quiet neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv, within spy distance of the Mediterranean Sea. (The director still owns an apartment in New York City, as well as the Los Angeles home he bought in 1989, where he and Peak married.)

Tarantino settles after production ends in 2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, plans to split his time between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. Then the pandemic hit – and he never left.

Since then, the Oscar-winning director has become a regular in Tel Aviv – the type of person locals often encounter walking down the street or attending a toddler’s birthday party with his kids at the local playground (he there happily humming Hebrew “Happy Birthday”).

In May 2019, Tarantino experienced armed conflict between Israel and Hamas during his first few years in Israel.

“My Israeli friends told me, ‘After the rocket launch, now you can officially call yourself an Israeli,'” Tarantino shared with the country’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper in a 2021 interview.

His first neighbors knew he was there — according to Orit Bezalel, who lived two houses away, their moving boxes all said “Tarantino.” Tarantino) – but at first, the director was like a ghost.

“I never saw him or heard from him,” Bezalel said. Her son, an aspiring filmmaker, wanted to meet the longtime icon, who now lives not far from his childhood home – but it never happened.

But then the pandemic happened, and things seemed to change. In early 2020, the Tarantinos rented a 464-square-metre villa in Tel Aviv’s Shikun Tzameret neighbourhood for NIS 80,000 (about $34,000) a month. It’s an upscale, albeit a bit sleepy, address in northern Tel Aviv, and close to Kikar HaMedina (National Mall), Israel’s hippest shopping address.

In a city where most people live in boxy apartment buildings, Shikun Tzameret is a rarity: a small patch of architecturally impressive private villas tucked away among luxury residential skyscrapers, but with Has a small town feel. Built in the early 1950s, it has always been a place where established people and successful creatives flock to live a life of taste but not necessarily flashy.

Tarantino can often be seen jogging, walking or cycling in Park Hayarkon, a sprawling urban park along the Hayarkon River. While most Mrs. Telavi tend to leave Tarantino alone, he has become catnip to the local paparazzi, who caught him filling water bottles at park fountains and buying toddler bikes at the mall.

“I love this country, the people are really nice and nice to me, they seem excited about me being here,” Tarantino said in a 2020 interview with Yediot Aharonot.

He told Bill Maher in a 2021 interview that Tel Aviv is like a scaled-down version of Los Angeles, with “gorgeous restaurants, cool bars, cool clubs.”

In June, Tarantino and Pique showed up at Nilus, a trendy bar on rundown Allenby Street. He’s also a fan of the restaurant at the Montefiore Hotel, Tel Aviv’s first “boutique” hotel, popular with the city’s hipster crowd (and Mick Jagger when he’s in town). Co-owner Mati Broudo can confirm at the hotel restaurant that “this is not the first time for Tarantino” – he also visited his wife during a trip to Israel in 2009.

He is a regular at Café Zorik, a community coffee shop on the family-friendly Yehudah HaMaccabi Street, within walking distance from the family villa. According to a waiter there, when the supervisor was in town, he would occupy his usual spot at the bar two to four times a week.

Zorik hears English a lot, which might suit the director’s limited Hebrew. In a 2021 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he admitted that he has a toddler’s grasp of the language, for example, he knows the names of farm animals. His son called him Abba, which is the Hebrew word for dad.

More recently, Tarantino also appeared at last month’s Andre Bocelli concert in Tel Aviv, just a few seats with former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The two were apparently introduced, but Tarantino wasn’t playing politics — nor was he a favorite: He also recently met former Israeli Prime Minister Benny Gantz, who brought Netanya in May 2020. Yahu ousted people. )

Another place Israelis know to look for Tarantino is in the movies. Just north of Tel Aviv is the Cinema City Grillo Theater complex, where Tarantino was found standing on the franchise line waiting for popcorn — and scrutinizing his own production.A sharp-eyed moviegoer spotted Tarantino in the back row Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Screening (and posting it on Twitter in time, of course).

Tarantino is also more formally involved in the local film industry. In February, the Tel Aviv Film Center hosted a retrospective showcasing all of his films. He was scheduled to appear at two of those screenings, but only attended one after catching up with Covid. (The event went ahead as planned, with the Film Archive asking viewers to send in a video of them wishing the director all the best, and then creating a montage of “Healing, Quentin” for him.)

In June, the director also received an honorary doctorate from the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem in honor of his career and new life in the Jewish state. “After marrying actress and musician Daniela Peak, Tarantino considered the State of Israel his home and publicly supported it globally,” the university said in a statement.

Tarantino famously said he would make 10 movies before retiring.his latest 2019 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is No. 9. The director’s first, Reservoir Dogs, is — perhaps prophetically — about a diamond heist originally from Israel. So will Israel make another cameo in his 10th — and possibly last — film?

Maybe. “If you’re filming in Jerusalem, you can point the camera at places you didn’t capture,” he told Maher. But any potential film would steer clear of politics. “I wouldn’t make a movie about the political climate [in Israel]. “

This story originally appeared on Page Six and is republished here with permission.

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