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Queen Elizabeth Smiles in Unseen Portrait Ahead of Funeral


The late Queen Elizabeth’s final portrait before her death was released early to show the nation what their great queen looked like.

Prior to the funeral for the late Queen Elizabeth II on September 19th, a photo not yet released to the public has been published by the royal family. Unseen photos were taken during the Queen’s 60th anniversary celebrations, which took place in June this year. This picture accurately captures the King’s brilliant smile which will be etched into the minds of people for years to come.


The undiscovered portrait was recently shared on the Royal Family’s Instagram page with the caption, Tomorrow, millions will come together to commemorate Her Majesty’s life. Honoring the Queen, the caption explained that she is the first British monarch to have lived this long. The portrait is being released as a mark of respect in celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, during which she became the first British monarch to reach this milestone.

Earlier this week, Britain’s longest-serving monarch received a special tribute in the form of a televised message from her daughter-in-law, Camilla. Describing The Queen, Camilla said She has those wonderful blue eyes and when she smiles they light up her entire face. I will always remember her smile, and it’s a smile that is unforgettable.

Here is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth you haven’t seen before.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be attended by several world leaders and dignitaries as well as members of the royal family. According to reports, over 2,000 people from around the world will gather at Westminster Abbey to honor the late monarch. Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, her oldest son, King Charles III has been proclaimed the new monarch of the United Kingdom along with his wife, Queen Consort, Camilla.

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