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Punjabi star Sargun Mehta makes her Bollywood debut with ‘Mission Cinderella’ : The Tribune India



Mumbai, July 9

Actress Sargun Mehta is already well known in the Punjabi film industry, with her recent appearance in her home production “Saunkan Saunkne”, she is about to make her Bollywood debut.

The actress will appear in a Bollywood movie called “Cinderella’s Mission” starring Akshay Kumar.

“It’s very important to wait for the right characters, no matter where you step in, especially when you step into new media, because there’s always a new audience, and they are,” she said.

“They will perceive you in a certain way, they will see you in a certain way, and even the industry has formed a perception of who you are. When I chose it, I didn’t want to stand on the side and not be talked about. Is it good or not? Not good, but whatever it is, at least there is something to be said.” The actress said that Bollywood is completely different from the Punjabi film industry, adding: “The Punjabi film industry is still very primitive. And frankly, that applies as well. For the industry. It’s raw, it’s coming because it’s developing and we’re still going through our phase of finding out what people like, and what audiences like.

“Sometimes a movie can surprise you in a way you don’t expect. There is no set strategy, at least not yet. People think there is no discipline and structure in the Punjabi film industry. I’m a disciplined person in life, but I personally think that Creative spaces shouldn’t have a lot of structure. Sometimes I like to walk around.” The actress said she was anxious and excited.

“I was terrified at first. I was excited because it was my first project in Bollywood and it was Mr Akshay. Everything upset me and I can’t begin to tell you how I shot my first shot of.”

“I thought I was going to break down. It was a tough, tough role and I was thinking about how to do it. I was really scared and I hoped it would be okay,” she said.

To prepare for the role, Sargun made sure to stop watching the cops on screen.

“I think we’ve all grown up watching cops, whether it’s real life, TV, movies, whatever. When I played the role, I made sure I wasn’t watching anything. I just think when you watch a lot of something, you tend to copy It and make comics out of it. I want to do whatever comes naturally,” she concluded.

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