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Princess Charlene Shares Spooky Halloween Photo of Her Twins


As millions of parents around the world shared Halloween pictures of their children on social media, Princess Charlene of Monaco joined the trend.

Gabriella and Jacques are dressed up for Halloween, and their mother shared a picture. Fans couldn’t get enough of them!

A candid photograph shows the kids posing side-by-side in the family home, which has also been decorated. A black and orange tablecloth has been covered with fake spiderwebs and balloons have been used to decorate the room.

Little Gabriella is costumed as a pumpkin and can be seen striking a pose for the camera. She selected an orange dress, with a green bow, and green tights, with a pumpkin headband. She also has realistic makeup so it appears as if she has scars on both of her cheeks.

She is surrounded by her brother, who has transformed into a vampire with white face paint and fake blood around his mouth. He is wearing a black cloak and cane, and gives the photographer a thumbs up while wearing a fitting costume.

A large number of fans posted love heart emojis in response to the post. “Gorgeous twins in superb costumes!!” one remarked, while a second echoed: “I love this photo! Happy Halloween!”

According to a French magazine, Point de Vue, Princess Charlene opened up about raising her twins in an interview in 2019, saying they share “incredible affection and gentleness for one another”.

Prior to their fifth birthday, she said that they “talk to each other all the time, and like all children they sometimes can be a little abrupt, a little hard even in their exchanges, but they support each other unconditionally”.

Princess Charlene continued to speak in depth on the couple’s strengths, commenting their inner strength allows them to say what they think and feel, no matter what situation arises as well as noting that their adaptability comes from the self-confidence that each possesses.

“And when all is well, then nothing and no one can stop them,” she said.

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