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OTT platforms bet on the fame game of Bollywood A-listers


New Delhi : Media experts say top streaming platforms are increasingly relying on Bollywood A-listers’ innate urge to find an audience and reach out to the masses to grow their user bases.

Top stars’ shows have drawn audiences from beyond the metro, like cinemas, Khan, Anushka Sharma and Akshay Kumar will make their OTT debuts, they added.

Devgn’s Rudra: The Edge of Darkness was the top-rated show on Hotstar due to its subscription video-on-demand service, while Dixit’s The Fame Game was the second-highest-rated Hindi web series on Netflix. Khan’s Radhe garnered 8.9 million views on its opening weekend in India.

“The presence of popular actors attracts attention and certainly creates interest in a show or movie launch. The relationship between movie stars and OTTs is symbiotic – while stars bring audiences to the platform in the form of fanbases, streaming media The broad reach of the platform helps stars reach a wider audience,” said Manish Kalra, Chief Commercial Officer, ZEE5 India.

Along with Radhe, Zee5 saw the appeal of Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi Rocket, Siege starring Akshaye Khanna and Abhishek Bachchan’s Bob Biswas, and Tamil star Ajith’s Valimai, which premiered shortly after its theatrical release.

Kartik Aaryan-starrer Dhamaka also did well, spending weeks on Netflix in the top 10 of the global non-English movie charts and in more than 10 countries. Tovino Thomas’ superhero film Minnal Murali is in the top 10 of Netflix in 30 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. It was in the global top 10 non-English language films on Netflix for 4 weeks and has been watched over 25 million hours since its release.

“Top stars have the potential to drive new subscriptions because their shows and movies always have a reach,” said Shailesh Kapoor, founder and CEO of Ormax, a media consultancy that studies the popularity of TV and online shows.

From a marketing perspective, these attributes give the platform visibility to a wider audience, especially outside the subway, he said. “The big stars on the show help drive the initial sampling of content, and as seen with the movies in theaters, the first weekend is about star attraction among audiences,” said Ashwin, President of Partnerships and Trade, GroupM Padmanabhan said.

He added: “While project costs may rise due to the presence of stars, most platforms are evaluating it as a must-have investment to attract more viewers and keep existing subscribers coming back.”

“Star-studded content is definitely the draw, and the challenge is whether it can sustain consumer interest. OTT is a level playing field where consumers can choose to pause and play or make other decisions based on what has been published. Viewers There may be temptation (the appearance of the star) but may not remain loyal throughout the duration of the film, so it is important to understand the return on investment that star power will bring,” said Deepak Kumar, India head of Story Lab, Dentsu’s brand content department.

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