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‘Oscars 2023’: Last Film Show aka Chhello Show becomes India’s official entry in lieu of The Kashmir Files and RRR – let’s talk about this Gujarati movie.

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Certain people are doubting the decision to choose Gujarat Film Studio’s film Chhello Doh Kin Ta also known as The Last Film Show to be India’s official entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards over more qualified candidates such as Ranvi Rikka Rambles

Everybody had discussions about, debated, and voiced conflicting opinions of, not just against both RRR and The Kashmir Files this year, but also for them, so both are on the list of 2023’s international feature films, including the 2023 Best Foreign Film Nominees at the Oscars. Nevertheless, the movie that has surprised us all by being chosen as India’s official Best Foreign Language Film to the Oscars is Last Film Show aka Chhello Show, the Gujarati film which is currently gaining plenty of critical acclaim. Why this movie and what’s special about it? Here is the most important thing you should know about it…

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Watch Last Film Show aka Chhello Show for plot and release date.
This is a coming-of-age drama based on Pan Nalin’s own memories of growing up in rural Gujarat and discovering cinema in a small corner of the world. It’s already out in select theatres in Gujarat and will come to theaters nationwide on the 14th of October 2022. That being said, the movie has been receiving rave reviews ever since it has began garnering media attention.

A reaction from director Pan Nalin to Last Film Show’s Oscar entry
As soon as Last Film Show aka Chhello Show’s entry to the Oscars was announced, the director, Pan Nalin, took to his official Twitter handle to write, OMG! What a night this is going to be! Gratitude to Film Federation of India and thank you to FFI jury members. Thank you for believing in Chhello Show. Now I can breathe again and believe in cinema that entertains, inspires and enlightens! @LastFilmShow1 #ChhelloShow #Oscars. It is pictured above…

Allegations of plagiarism in Last Film Show aka Chhello Show
Nonetheless, there are skeptics questioning the credentials of Chhello Show aka Last Film Show to serve as India’s entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars. They have called the idea inspired by 1988 Italian masterpiece Cinema Paradiso and not too great in the second category, with their opinion enhanced by its surprising achievement in the Best Foreign Language Film category, along with a string of other prizes.

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