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OpenAI is ready to sell DALL-E to its first million customers


Subscribing to the DALL-E beta won’t break the bank: $15 buys you 115 credits, and one credit lets you submit text prompts to the AI, which returns four images at a time. In other words, 460 images cost $15. On top of that, users get 50 free points for the first month and 15 free points for the following month. Still, as users typically generate dozens of images at a time and keep only the best ones, advanced users can quickly exhaust that quota.

Ahead of this launch, OpenAI had been working with early adopters to troubleshoot the tool. The first wave of users produced a steady stream of surreal and stunning images: mashups of cute animals, Pictures that imitate the style of a real photographer A mood board with creepy accuracy, restaurant and sneaker designs. This allows OpenAI to explore the strengths and weaknesses of its tools. “They’ve been giving us a lot of really good feedback,” said OpenAI product manager Joanne Jang.

OpenAI has taken steps to control what images users can make. For example, one cannot generate images showing famous people. In preparation for this commercial launch, OpenAI addressed another serious problem with early user flagging. The April release of DALL-E often produces images that reflect overt gender and racial bias, such as images of all-white male CEOs and firefighters, and all-white female teachers and nurses.

On July 18th, OpenAI announced the fix. When a user asks the DALL-E 2 to generate an image containing a group of people, the AI ​​now leverages a sample dataset that OpenAI claims is more representative of global diversity. Based on its own tests, OpenAI said users were 12 times more likely to report that the DALL-E 2’s output included people of different backgrounds.

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