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OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney Caught on Record Hurling Racist Slurs Before Stabbing Boyfriend

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Secret video of OnlyFans Model Courtney Clenney shouting hysterically and using racial slurs at her boyfriend before stabbing him in the chest was captured. RadarOnline.com has uncovered that the shocking audio was recorded on Christian “Toby” Obumseli’s cell phone and details their disagreements before his murder.

The shocking recordings showed that Courtney, also known as Courtney Tailor, regularly yelled, screamed, and called Obumseli the n-word during heated fights in both public and private settings. Additionally, she yelled for Obumseli to grab and charge her phone.


According to reports, Obumseli, who was killed in April after a confrontation with Courtney inside of their Miami condominium, hid the phone in his pocket and secretly taped her.

In one audio recording, Courtney yelled at Obumseli for neglecting to let her know that he met a female acquaintance while out biking. In the audio, he apologised to her while she repeatedly called him the n-word.

The model was also heard on the recording saying things like, “Man up, b——,” and “Shut up and let me slap you, dumb a—!
Courtney screamed and shouted at Obumseli, who appeared perplexed as to why they were fighting.

As part of the murder investigation, local law enforcement retrieved the covert recordings from Obumseli’s phone that were obtained by the Miami Herald. The family attorney for Obumseli stated that he “found the audio to be startling.”

“I know when [his relatives] hear this, it will be really terrible… It fits my perception of a person who is out of control and insane in a constant manner. In this entire relationship, she is the aggressor and the abuser, according to a statement from Larry Handfield.

According to Courtney’s lawyers, the white social media celebrity killed her Black boyfriend by stabbing him in self-defense.

They claimed that she was the target of Obumseli’s alleged aggression on a daily basis, citing police body camera evidence showing her filing for a restraining order against him just days before his passing.

Black Enterprise

Courtney was seen beating Obumseli in surveillance footage from their residence taken months before the fatal stabbing. According to her attorney, she was allegedly trying to avoid him.

Second-degree murder is the accusation against Courtney, who was detained in August. Innocent was her plea.

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