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Noah Schnapp Reveals He ‘Guilt-Tripped’ This Singer Into Following Him On Instagram


Noah Schnapp dropped a big revelation on the set of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, during True Confessions with Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy Fallon.

Noah Schnapp had a telling revelation about Millie Bobby Brown when the two stars appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Millie was there to promote her latest outing, Enola Holmes 2. It was a wonderful reunion as she was reunited with her Stranger Things co-star, and Jimmy Fallon to play a hilarious game of True Confessions. Brown picked a truth for herself: I sneak my pet bunny into hotels and Fallon told a lie about himself. as Schnapp would say, LeBron James once called me from the court in the middle of a game.

A guilt-trip led Shawn Mendes to follow Noah Schnapp back on Instagram.
As he confessed, I guilt-tripped Shawn Mendes into following me back on Instagram. Studio audience members burst out in laughter, Millie Bobby Brown chimed in on her bestie, revealing how the incident occurred one to two years ago, by asking Why did he guilt-trip the Grammy-nominated musician and whether Mendes didn’t want to follow him? [Fallon responded in shock, Shawn Mendes!] Yes, Shawn Mendes. Well, when I watch him I don’t understand why he followed Sadie, Gaten, Caleb, but not me! There was something about me that he disliked!

At this point, Millie Bobby Brown jumped in and responded, Oh, he’s mad. Jimmy Fallon, for his part, responded, Yeah, he’s really mad. What’s Shawn Mendes’ problem? Millie then claimed to be amused, claiming Noah was lying. Jimmy responded by asking, So, how did you get in touch with Shawn Mendes? You contacted him and then guilt-tripped him and said-? And then Noah jumped in and replied, I DMd him, and I was like, ‘I’m kind of offended that you follow every person on social media.’. Did you say that to him?

He then laughed hilariously, saying “Wait, you can’t DM someone if they aren’t following you. He’s lying!” This caused Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp to burst out laughing: in fact, Jimmy did school Noah on how to DM anyone while showing off his age as he explained to Noah that you don’t have to follow each other to DM. An embarrassed Millie yelled at Jimmy with an exaggerated expression, “Jimmy, Jimmy, please stop!” Everyone had righteous laughter over Fallon’s cute goof-up!

Going back to the incident, Shawn Mendes was asked what he said. When he said, oh, what’s up man. like, I love you so much, millie Bobby Brown agreed saying that Mendes often says ‘man’ since he’s a fellow Canadian. Fallon expressed admiration by saying, Shawn, well, he’s a very nice guy, Shawn, while Brown commented that Mendes made her sweat with his reaction.

Noah Schnapp then answered Jimmy Fallon’s question by claiming he spoke to Shawn Mendes the other day. Both Millie Bobby Brown and Jimmy fell out at Schnapp’s lie. A large laugh escaped Fallon’s lips as he retorted, “Why on Earth would you call him if you have him on? I’m going to say that’s a lie,” while Millie said, “I agree.”.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Noah Schnapp, Millie Bobby Brown, and Jimmy Fallon played a witty game of True Confessions:

The scenes from ‘Stranger Things’ starring Noah Schnapp had us giggling like mad!

Drama in Noah Schnapp and Doja Cat’s Instagram DMs

Apart from a video exchange gone awry with the last contestant of The Bachelor, Hannah Godwin, and some drama on Instagram DMs, this isn’t the first time that Noah Schnapp has found himself in a difficult situation online. While Cat calls out Schnapp on his borderline snake s**t move, in July Noah had, in a TikTok video, his private DMs chat with Doja in which the Grammy winner asked the SAG winner to tell his Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn to hmu. (Hit me up.) Meanwhile, while listening to Doja Cat ft. SZA’s Kiss Me More, Noah revealed that he apologized to Doja. he told the reporters, Guys, everything is fine, I apologized and I still follow her and like her music no hard feelings.

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