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Nintendo Launching Nintendo Pictures, will Create Content Based on IP – The Hollywood Reporter


Video game giant Nintendo is expanding further into the entertainment business.

The company has agreed to buy visual content company Dynamo Pictures Inc, according to a regulatory filing in Japan on Thursday. Once the transaction closes (expected to close in October), Dynamo will change its name to Nintendo Pictures Co. and become a subsidiary of a wholly owned subsidiary company.

According to Nintendo, Nintendo Studios will “focus on developing visual content using Nintendo IP.”

Dynamo is a CG animation company that specializes in animation for video games and television, and also uses motion capture technology.

Nintendo’s move shows that the gaming company is planning a bigger foray into entertainment. The company is already working with Universal’s Lighting Studios on an animated film based on its iconic work. super mario bros. Franchise. The film is now set to release in April 2023.

But an owned studio gives Nintendo the flexibility to make its own fare as well as pillar projects like Mario movies.

This is a very popular tactic among video game companies. Sony, which owns the Playstation platform, said at an investor day in May that it plans to develop more movie and TV content based on its vast library of video game IP.

Projects based on Sony’s work twisted metal, last survivorand Ghost of Tsushima Already in production, another 10 or so are in various stages of development.

Beyond Mario (and derivatives such as Mario Kart), Nintendo has franchises such as Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, star fox and ANIMAL CROSSINGall of which could be reimagined in entertainment.

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