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New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023’s Best Beauty Moments.


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There was always going to be something special about the New York Fashion Week spring/summer 2023 shows. It starts off the season’s most prestigious Fashion Weeks (the next ones are in London, Paris, and Milan), while also establishing the tone for the upcoming high-octane glitz. The top NYFW beauty trends on display from the runways were an appropriate reflection of the season’s particularly high level of publicity surrounding NYFW.

Metallic masks and stiletto nails from Vogue World turned up the glitz. The innovative hair and makeup ideas from designers reflected a similarly celebratory mood. There were other brilliant, innovative takes on current beauty trends, even though some looks, like wet look hair, clear skin, and graphic blue eyeshadow, continue to be popular off the runway.

As the first Fashion Week from among the four major fashion hubs, NYFW is closely scrutinized for signs of upcoming seasonal beauty trends. And if this season’s expressive NYFW beauty trends are to be believed, we can only look forward to even more opulent mane and nail trends in the near future.

Naeem Khan: Opulent jewel eyes

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When walking into the Naeem Khan show, I was greeted by a sea of women wearing deep-purple lips and jewel-toned eyes. They had deep red eyeshadow with a line drawn down the center from the browbone to create depth, paired with a jewel-toned highlighter on the cheekbones. When applying eyeshadow for this look, make sure to use two shades that are cool in color because that will help to contrast against your red lipstick so it doesn’t just blend together.

Tia Adeola: Hyper-extended plaits

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Typically only seen at Coachella or in, say, South Bronx, Tia Adeola’s tresses were made even more powerful with a subtle side plait. If you’re going to invest in a new hair tool for the season, this would be a good place to start. Another way to amp up your front pony is to add some hairpins of your choosing. Tia opted for a bobby pin design and a pink headband as an accessory. Lastly, she swept her fringe into an elegant low bun and teased the edges for added volume.

Puppets and Puppets: Butterfly effect

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Ryan has been stressed all day because he needs to go to New York Fashion Week, but it is pouring rain outside. His boss let him postpone his flight until tomorrow, but that does not make him feel any better about the weather. So, he decides to watch some TV instead. Puppets and Puppets: Butterfly effect is on and Ryan finds it comforting so he watches with his daughter for a little while. Even though Ryan is mad at the rain storm outside, he starts feeling better by watching the kids on this show laughing and enjoying life while they play with their puppets like in the old days. This TV show reminds Ryan of what actually matters in life- family and friends are most important, not fame or success.

Prabal Gurung: Mint condition

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Making a statement by opting for a fresh and unexpected shade of mint, the Prabal Gurung show put the spotlight on natural beauty. Underlying this trend were none other than the trends that fueled fashion this season: oversized, voluminous layers and luxurious silhouettes. From floral crowns to milkmaid braids and wind-swept waves, makeup artists for this label created effortless beauty with barely any products at all. In addition to highlighter peaches on cheeks and shimmering plum lids paired with bare lashes, skin was free of filters save for some light airbrushing along cheekbones and brow bones. Here, every inch of skin shone through untouched by anything but moisturizer.

Marrisa Wilson: Contrasting lids and beaded locks

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I’m looking forward to what this exciting show has in store. I’m particularly excited about the hair and makeup trends. One of my favorite moments was when model Marrisa Wilson walked down the runway with contrasting lid colors and beaded locks, which added a romantic touch to her polished style. There are many things that are worth noting from this amazing runway, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the hair and makeup.
I love how full and polished Marisa Wilson’s look was. She styled her hair with gorgeous waves that framed her face and brought out her eyes. On top of that, she paired it with a stunning updo accented by beads around her temples. The best part about Marisa’s look is that you don’t have to be an Instagram model to wear it, so I suggest giving it a try! To start, you will need a curling iron for your hair. Next up is color. You can use whatever brand you want as long as you stick to warm tones like red or golden blonde.

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