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New ‘Star Wars’ Series Among Series Collecting California Tax Credits – The Hollywood Reporter


Seven TV series — five new and two relocated — have been selected for $90.8 million in tax incentives for filming in California, the state’s film office said Monday.

HBO, which received a $30 million line of credit, tops this round of tax breaks, followed by Disney’s Lucasfilm ($20.9 million), Warner Bros. Discovery ($19.7 million), Netflix ($14 million) and NBCUniversal ($620 million) million dollars). Netflix was in the lead in the last round and in previous tax credits.

These shows – headlined by Lucasfilm Star Wars: Skeleton Crew and Netflix Residential (Produced by Shonda Rhimes) – Expected to spend $713 million in California during production. They are expected to generate a total of $468.2 million in eligible expenses. (Defined as wages to offline workers and payments to in-state suppliers.)

Five new shows, including Warner Bros. Discovery my glory and presumed innocent and HBO’s sympathizer, being included in the tax incentive scheme is the first since 2019. The new series not opting in is partly due to the large number of recurring series already getting credit. In July 2021, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill (SB144) to increase funding for the $330 million annual tax credit program by $180 million over two years.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew Expected to account for the largest qualifying payout of the seven series, spending nearly $136 million in the first quarter. The show, which earned $20.9 million, is about a group of lost kids trying to find their way home.new members in the expansion star wars universe starring jude law spiderman The trilogy director Jon Watts is set to release on Disney+ in 2023.

“Increasing investment in our tax credit program strengthens California’s competitiveness and continues to strengthen our position as the media production capital of the world,” Colleen Bell, executive director of the California Film Commission, said in a statement. Welcoming new TV series to the program will create jobs and economic opportunity in the Golden State.”

SB144 also set aside an additional $15 million to relocate episodes to California, bringing the total annual funding for such shows to $71.1 million. The eligibility criteria have been relaxed to include projects that film their pilot episodes out of state. (The plan previously required repositioning the series to shoot a full season outside of California.) kill it and Rap boo! – Selected to participate in the program’s relocation series – to move production from Louisiana and Florida, respectively.

“We’re thrilled to be producing Season 2 in California, where not only does it have a fantastic crew and the best facilities, but it’s also where our kids are,” executive producer Dan Goul said in a statement.

The seven projects will employ approximately 1,953 crew members, 545 actors and 21,691 background actors/doubles during production. They will spend approximately 559 days shooting in California.

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