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Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh and Ammy Virk Promise Another Roller Coaster Fun in Laung Laachi 2 Trailer


Amberdeep Singh, Neeru Bajwa and Ammy Virk star in Laung Laachi 2 which is released on 19th August 2022. The trio is back after winning hearts in the film’s first installment. In case you missed it, here’s the trailer for Laung Laachi 2.

There will be a sequel to Laung Laachi, featuring Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh, and Ammy Virk who came together in the first film. Laung Laachi got a lot of success at the box office as well as the song was a hit among the masses. The movie proved so popular that it was recreated in Bollywood as well. Now Neeru Bajwa, Amberdeep Singh, and Ammy Virk are back with a modern rom-com. Apparently, Laung Laachi 2 is set during the time of partition. The trailer is making waves.


The trailer for Laung Laachi 2 wins hearts.

Just the other day, the trailer for Laung Laachi 2 was released. This sequel tells the story of Neeru and Amberdeep. During the partition era, Neeru is depicted as a very modern person and Amberdeep is shown to be a Punjabi Jatt. They share the same neighborhood and gradually become infatuated with each other. It begins to present an issue when Ammy Virk’s character comes into the scene. He’s shown to be a sort of official. Amberdeep poses as a Muslim, while Neeru poses as a Punjabi. They have to be extra careful around Ammy who seems to be onto them. There is some comic relief, romance, and some suspenseful moments. As opposed to being mostly romantic, these emotions are strong and stirring. The new ‘Laung Laachi 2’ trailer is starting to get a lot of people interested. A sequel to Laung Laachi is going to be all the rage in entertainment news. For a refresher, check it out here.

Neeru Bajwa made a shocking statement about Amberdeep.

Recently, in an interview, Neeru Bajwa shocked the world with a startling story about how she once met Amberdeep Singh years ago. The actress says she was rejected by the director twenty years ago, and Neeru says she went for an audition for a TV soap opera and the director rejected her even before she had the chance to audition. When Amberdeep was asked about his thoughts on the situation, he said he could tell that Neeru was going to be in the spotlight. Thus, the rest is history.


Upcoming is Laung Laachi 2, scheduled for release on 19 August 2022. The original director, Amberdeep, returns with a huge cast that includes Sukhwinder Raj, Amar Noorie, Preet Kiran, and Gurneet Saajan, just to name a few. Do you think you’re going to be excited for Laung Laachi 2? Tweet @bollywood_life and let us know.

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